Fidel Castro’s Wives, Girlfriends and Children

Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro ruled Cuba for 32 years. He proclaimed himself as president in 1976, prior to that he served as Prime Minister from 1959 to 1976. When his health deteriorated, he announced he was not running for President again on 19 February 2008. Instead he named his brother Raul Castro the new President.

Mirta and Fidelito

Many of you wondered why didn’t Fidel Castro considered his son Fidel Ángel “Fidelito” Castro Díaz-Balart his eldest child born from his first marriage to Mirta Diaz-Balart to take his place, or any of his other five sons born from his second marriage to Dalia Soto del Valle, or any other of his other children born out of wedlock and the result of his multiple affairs with an array of women, some specially selected by him?

Keep reading to know all about the two wives Fidel Castro had, his nine children and the mistresses that gave birth to two daughters who like his sister Juanita Castro criticized Fidel’s dictatorship.


Fidel Castro first married Mirta Francisca de la Caridad Díaz-Balart y Gutiérrez on October 11, 1948. Mirta was born on September 30, 1928 to America Gutierrez and Cuban politician and mayor of the town of Banes Rafael Jose Diaz-Balart.

Mirta was a philosophy student at the University of Havana when she met and eventually married Fidel Castro. Their only son Fidel Angel Castro Diaz-Balart known as Fidelito was born on September 1, 1949.

fidel-castro-son-fidelito fidel-castro-wife-mirta-diaz-balart-fidelito

Fidel and Diaz-Balart divorced in 1955. She moved to Spain. Fidel was granted custody of Fidelito. Her son moved back to Cuba and ran Cuba’s atomic-energy commission in 1980 and removed from the position by his father in 1992.

He has five children from his two marriages, Fidel Castro Smimov and Mirta Castro Smimova from his first marriage to Olga Smimova a Russian woman he met while he studied nuclear physics in the USSR. He had three more children from his second marriage to Maria Victoria Barreiro.

Dalia Soto del Valle


After Fidel Castro’s divorce from Diaz-Balart, he secretly married school professor Dalia Soto del Valle in 1980. She had been his partner since 1961, together they had five sons, Antonio, Alejandro, Alexis, Alexander “Alex”, and Ángel Castro Soto del Valle.

The five A’s were named in honor of Alexander the Great who Fidel greatly admired. Dalia a stunning blonde, slim woman with beautiful green eyes.

Natalia Revuelta Clews

Their marriage had its struggles after she found out Fidel fathered a daughter named Alina Fernandez Revuelta (b. March 19, 1956) with a married woman named Natalia Reveltas Clews.

fidel-castro-natalia-revuelta-claws fidel-castro-natalia-revuelta-claws-pics


Natalia was born on December 26, 1925. Even though she was married to Orlando Fernández, she aided Castro’s movement and supported him financially for years.

After his return to Cuba from his exile in Mexico, she ended her affair with him, but continued to support him. Some claimed until her death on February 25, 2015.



Her daughter Alina was a public relations director for a Cuban fashion company and a model before she escaped Cuba in 1993.

After escaping Cuba, Alina lived in Columbus, Georgia before settling in Miami. In Miami she got married and worked in radio. WQBA radio airs hr show called Simplemente Alina.

Natalia Reveltas Clews was not the only mistress he had throughout his years in power.

Two or three more children were born from his affairs with unnamed women. To name a few there is Francisca Pupo, born in 1953 from his affair with Micaela Cardoso.

Jorge Angel Castro, born just a few months before Fidelito. Jorge Castro is the result of a three-day affair with María Laborde.

celia-sanchez-manduley-bio fidel-castro-celia-sanchez-manduley-ppic

Certainly we couldn’t leave out Celia Sánchez Manduley a woman who played a major role in Fidel Castro’s life and who became his most faithful ally, companion and closest friend until her death from lung cancer in 1980.

Marita Lorenz

It important to know the girlfriend who was send to kill him, that is Marita Lorenz, the daughter of a German father and an American mother, was born in Bremen, Germany, on 18th August, 1939. Lorenz visited Cuba in February, 1959. Soon afterwards she began an affair with Fidel Castro and claims to have had his child. Later she was recruited by Frank Sturgis to work for the Central Intelligence Agency. In January 1960, Lorenz took part in a failed attempt to poison Castro.


Dalia “Lala” his wife till the end.

Dalia Soto del Valle aka Lala, lived a secluded life raising her sons most of her life in the immense family property of Punto Cero in the Havanan quarter of Siboney where some of her sons still reside.

In 1984, Dalia allegedly started an affair with a member of the escort a bodyguard named Jorge.

Fidel was informed of the affair by the head of the escort, Domingo Mainet, who was informed by Dalia’s official chauffeur, René Besteiro.

Allegedly after finding out of his wife’s affair, Fidel didn’t go back home to his wife for months; the bodyguard Jorge disappeared and nobody said a word about it ever again.

Eventually Fidel returned home to Dalia, they resumed their married life as if nothing ever happened.



She didn’t act as Cuba’s first lady, but she remained Fidel Castro’s wife until his death on November 25, 2016 at he age of 90.