Kelleth Cuthbert Golden Globes Fiji Water Girl

Kelleth Cuthbert

Kelleth Cuthbert is the stunning model who photobombed nearly every celebrity during yesterday’s transmission of the Golden Globes.

Standing strategically on the red carpet the lovely model was featured in photos with the likes of Tony Shalhoub, Marin Hinkle, Cody Fern, Richard Madden, Nicole Kidman, Idris Elba, Dakota Fanning, Luke Evans among others.

Twitter couldn’t get enough of her as users firs dubbed Fiji Water girl, and made comments including “The Fiji water girl is literally living her best life #GoldenGlobes”

Kelleth who was wearing a royal blue dress was camera ready for every shot as she can be seen smiling and even making eye contact while perfectly holding her Fiji water filled tray. The brunette model was ready for every shot and though she may have been photographer’s worst nightmare, it seemed she couldn’t care less.

Cuthbert was supposed to keep stars hydrated during the 76th Golden Globe red carpet.

Kelleth Cuthbert

Kelleth who is 5’9” is a model who has worked with Wilhelmina models in Los Angeles and Chicago. She is also signed to Plutino Models –in Toronto, Ontario since 2014. She’s also worked with numerous agencies such as Heffner in Seattle, Donna Baldwin in Denver and Key in Vancouver. Kelleth is certainly and experienced model, also having modeled for international agency East West in Frankfurt, Germany.

On Facebook she writes “An obsessive combination of ontological inscape, trickery and love.”

She is also active on Instagram where she has over 80k followers. She also appears to be in a relationship with photographer, Christopher Von Steinbach. The couple owns a pet dog named, Pablo.

Referencing the odd experience on the Globes red carpet, she wrote “Needless to say this has been the strangest day of my life.”

You can check out her portfolio here.

Check out Kelleth Cuthbert otherwise known as Fiji Water Girl on Instagram here.