Ben Wojnarowicz- Fitchburg, Massachusetts school Teacher Kaitlin Pearson’s Boyfriend

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Meet Ben Wojnarowicz, he is the boyfriend of 23-year-old Kaitlin Pearson; the gal who according to online reports has been suspended from her workplace at a Fitchburg, Massachusetts school because racy images of her were mysteriously sent to the school’s staff. Doesn’t sound like some angry mom’s doing?

The images of a scantily Kaitlin are easily found online and is prompting school to consider online checks of prospective employees in the future.

Ben’s girl who’s been working as an elementary school classroom aide for the past few months has a second job which consists on posing partially-nude for modeling shoots, now the South Street Elementary School in Fitchburg, Massachusetts is investigating whether this second job affects her ability to work with children.


But who certainly does not have any problem with fine looking Pearson posing nearly naked is her boyfriend Ben.

The couple has been dating since May 2012. Ben currently resides in Worcester, Mass. On his Facebook page we found a few links where he exposes his work. He is the founder of AG, a graphic design company.


It’s website says, AG is the brainchild of founder Ben Wojnarowicz. It was founded in September 2010 as a vinyl sticker company. Since then it has expanded into a fuller range of graphic design solutions by adding digital graphic design, website building, apparel printing, stationery and photography to our operations. He has worked for a few different agencies like Eri Design and PTC for web design and publication items such as magazine advertisements.

Another link takes us to his portfolio. Ben attended Leicester High School, he is currently working as a freelance designer producing stationary design, web design, vinyl advertisements, apparel printing and graphic design.

Wojnarowicz is definitely a lucky guy, and definitely not a jealous dude. He certainly knows he has a sexy girlfriend, what would you do if your girlfriend had the same job? Are you on the school’s side? or should Ben’s girl go back to work?

You can find Ben on Facebook here and watch more pictures of his sexy-model girlfriend here.

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