Mira Sorvino Husband Christopher Backus

Mira Sorvino husband

Christopher Backus is the husband of actress Mira Sorvino – the talented daughter of beloved actor Paul Sorvino and who became famous for her roles in films like Romy and Michelle, Mimic, Sound of Freedom among others.

Christopher Backus and Sorvino have been happily married for years and we can only imagine he is her main source of support during difficult times.

According to director Peter Jackson, Miramax told him both Mira Sorvino and Ashley Judd ‘were a nightmare to work with and we should avoid them at all costs’ back in 1998. Sorvino tweeted in response of Jacksons claims

“Just seeing this after I awoke, I burst out crying. There it is, confirmation that Harvey Weinstein derailed my career, something I suspected but was unsure. Thank you Peter Jackson for being honest. I’m just heartsick”

The talented New Yorker was born Mira Katherine Sorvino on September 28, 1967. The oldest daughter of actor Paul Sorvino, rose to fame with her starring role in Woody Allen’s ‘Mighty Aphrodite’ –for which she earned an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.

She excelled at school. While a student at Harvard University, Sorvino wrote her thesis on racial conflict in China. She had spent a year in China as part of a study abroad program and became fluent in Mandarin. However, chose to follow her father’s footsteps in the entertainment world.

She is known for participating in numerous projects in both TV and film, and has supported numerous human rights causes. She is also well known for her portrayal of blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe in HBO’s Norma Jean and Marilyn in 1996.

Christopher Backus

Christopher Backus

Sorvino’s love life includes a relationship with filmmaker Quentin Tarantino and another with Olivier Martinez; however she found true love in then aspiring actor, Christopher Paul Backus in 2003.

Christopher Backus

Depending on who you talk to, they either met at a friend’s party or while she waited at her table at West Hollywood’s Sur restaurant. The point is the two tied the knot on June 11, 2004, in a private civil ceremony at the Santa Barbara, California, courthouse. They later had a hilltop ceremony in Capri, Italy.

Mira Sorvino Husband,Christopher Backus

At the time, the couple stunned with their age difference, having been born October 30, 1981 –Backus is 14-years her junior. He was 22 at the time of their wedding.

Mira Sorvino Husband

According to his IMDb profile, Christopher Backus has a few acting roles under his belt, among them:

Film Career:

  • 2006: Started his journey in the film industry with a role as Pete in “All In”.
  • 2007: Played Tony Nefuse in the high-speed thriller, “Redline”.
  • 2008: Featured as Lucas Snow in the direct-to-video release “3 Days Gone”.
  • 2010: Appeared in two films – “Hard Breakers” as Jesse and “Mineville” as Vince.
  • 2011: Had a busy year with three roles – Andy in “Union Square”, Cobb in “Yellow Rock”, and Don Handley in “Elevator”.
  • 2012: Brought to life the characters Justin in “Besties” and Marcus in “Among Friends”.
  • 2015: Appeared in multiple films, including an uncredited role in “The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water”, Juju Joe in “Chloe and Theo”, and Lidy/Marlene Dietrich in “My Fair Lidy”.
  • 2016: Showcased his versatility in four films – “Indiscretion”, “Mothers and Daughters”, “Displacement”, and “A Christmas in New York”.
  • 2018: Delighted audiences as John in “A Dog and Pony Show” and Jackson in “Waterlily Jaguar”.
  • 2019: Played Matt Tresner in “Beneath the Leaves” and Peter in “Drowning”.
  • 2021: Took on the role of Eagan Raize in “Rogue Hostage”.
  • TBA: Set to appear as Travis in the upcoming film “Dirty Angels”.

Television Career:

  • 2004: Made his TV debut in “Will & Grace” as Adam.
  • 2005: Appeared in “The O.C.” as Curtis.
  • 2008-2009: Featured in “Huge” and “Life on Mars”.
  • 2011: Played Bobby in an episode of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”.
  • 2012: Appeared in episodes of “The Mentalist” and “Perception”.
  • 2013: Featured in the TV film “A Mother’s Rage”.
  • 2014: Played Jasper Gatlin in “Deliverance Creek” and Adam ‘Greensleeves’ Greenblatt in “Sons of Anarchy”.
  • 2015: Appeared as Water Guy in “Workaholics”.
  • 2016: Featured in multiple shows including “Underground”, “Hell on Wheels”, and “Roadies”.
  • 2017: Played Woody Woodrow in “Bosch”.
  • 2019: Had roles in “Big Little Lies”, “Jett”, and “Mindhunter”.
  • 2021: Appeared in “Truth Be Told” and “Blackout”.
Mira Sorvino Husband Christopher Backus

Since their nuptials, Christopher Backus and Sorvino have welcomed four children together, daughter Mattea Angel (b. November 3, 2004), son Johnny Christopher King (b. May 29, 2006), another son Holden Paul Terry (b. June 22, 2009), and daughter Lucia (b. May 3, 2012).

Mira Sorvino Husband,Christopher Backus

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