CNN Jeffrey Toobin Wife Amy Bennett McIntosh

Meet Amy Bennett McIntosh, she is the wife of CNN’s longtime legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin, whose twenty-year tenure with CNN came to an abrupt end after an embarrassing incident on Zoom.

Jeffrey Toobin Career

Jeffrey Toobin is a well-known, admired journalist who has written extensively for the New Yorker and CNN. Doubleday published his most recent book last year- it became an immediate NY Times bestseller! In it, he tells Patty Hearst’s story from her own perspective as she becomes captured to then being tried in court after escaping prison again with help from friends like Cuba Gooding Jr., John Travolta etc… This fascinating account can be found on FX Network this coming Winter season (2016) along side another hit series called “American Crime Story.”

In his book, The Oath: Inside the White House and Supreme Courts written with Eamon Dolan Toobin provides an account on how Chief Justice John Roberts saved Obama’s presidency by switching their vote during last year’s healthcare reform debate. This was not without controversy as it involved compromising three decades worth of work for compromise which led him to write another bestseller too – this time about how we got there!

Toobin’s career began when he was an assistant U.S attorney in Brooklyn, NY before being promoted to associate counsel under Lawrence E Walsh – experience that would later provide the basis for his first book Opening Arguments: A Young Lawyer’s First Case–United States v Oliver North . He graduated from Harvard College with honors and earned his law degree at HLS where he edited volume XIV of The responsible runnings which featured articles on topics such as presidential immunity or relevant evidence rule.

Jeffrey Toobin Wife

Jeffrey Toobin Wife,Amy Bennett McIntosh

Jeffrey Toobin and his wife Amt Bennett McIntosh have been married since 1986; they have two children together Ellen Toobin (b. Jan. 30, 1990) and Adam Toobin (b. Dec. 28, 1992). In addition to Ellen and Mark Toobin Jeffrey is father to Roderick Henry Greenfield, born from his extramarital affair with attorney Casey Greenfield.

Jeffrey Toobin Wife,Amy Bennett McIntosh

Casey Greenfield is the daughter of journalist Jeff Greenfield and ex-wife of screenwriter Matt Manfred.

Amy Bennett McIntosh

Jeffrey Toobin Wife,Amy Bennett McIntosh

Toobin’s wife Amy Bennett McIntosh was born in April 14, 1958. She graduated from Inddian Hill High School (valedictorian, National Merit Scholar) in 1976. She received her Bachlor’s Degree in ecomics in 1980 and Masters of Business Administration in 1984 from Harvard Business School.

Amy McIntosh is a member of Extraordinary Women on Boards, investor ed tech sector lead at HBS Alumni Angels of Greater NY. Amy is alsoon the board of EAB and PowerSchools Group.

Before that she was an Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Strategy at theCity University of New York, Independent Consultant at American Achieves, Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Department of Edication.

From 2010 to 2013, Amy Bennett McIntosh was Senior follow: Regents Research Fund for the Nw York State Education Department, before that, she was Chief of Talent and New Initiatives for the NYC Department of Education.

Previous jobs include Research Analyst for Bain & Company, Senior VP of Marketing at American Express, Senior Managent at Verizon, CEO at Zagat Survey and Senior VP Officer at Dun and Bradstreet.