Loredana Verta – Teen with anorexia described her disease

We can all relate when it comes to human suffering, whether a disease you’ve suffered, or somebody you know, maybe not even physically but mentally or spiritually. We are all bound to experience pain in life. The story of Loredana Verta –a teen killed by anorexia –should inspire us all not only to take better care of ourselves, to love ourselves … [Read More...]

Hadar Holdin Israeli lieutenant

Hadar Goldin – Israeli Soldier Kidnapped By Hamas

Hadar Holding an Israeli Lieutenant kidnapped by the militant group Hamas, less than two hours after the 72-hour ceasefire started, Hamas said the the kidnapped happened before the truce, and accused Israel of violating the peace deal, for their pat Israel demands the release of Goldin. An Israeli Defense Forces soldier mау hаvе bееn captured оn … [Read More...]


Kathy Brennan – CIA Director John Brennan’s Wife

Meet Kathy Brennan, the lovely wife of CIA director John Brennan. Kathy’s 58-year-old husband seems to be in hot waters these days, an internal investigation by the Central Intelligence Agency’s inspector general found that the CIA “improperly” spied on US Senate staffers when researching the CIA’s dark history of torture, it was hard to conclude … [Read More...]

ben scott the bachelor in paradise

Ben Scott- Entrepreneur/ Bachelor in Paradise Contestant

Single dad from Texas Ben Scott will appear in Bachelor in Paradise along with many other former contestants are you excited to see him? Here we tell you more about him. Ben from Desiree's season was said –according  to the guys on the show –he was not there "for the right reasons." In his season, Scott came off as the bad guy who seemed to … [Read More...]


Top 10 Facts about Arrowstream Shooter Tony DeFrances

60-year-old Tony DeFrances would be in jail if he hadn't kill himself. Read the top-ten-facts about the  Arrowstream worker and how he almost killed CEO  Steven LaVoie. #1 He was Arrowstream CTO According to his profile, Tony is the Chief Technology Officer for ArrowStream. He has been with ArrowStream virtually since its inception and is … [Read More...]


Jody LaVoie: Arrowstream CEO Steven LaVoie’s wife

Jody LaVoie is the wife of the the CEO of a Chicago-based technology company by a demoted employee. Arrowstream CEO Steven LaVoie was shot twice by Tony DeFrancis who ultimately turned the gun on himself. Jody LaVoie’s husband Steven LaVoie, 54, the CEO and chairman of Arrowstream, has one final one-on-one meeting with Tony DeFrancis, 59, who … [Read More...]


Daniella McBride Commercial Casting Associate- Bachelor in Paradise Contestant

Daniella McBride, first appeared in the 17th season of the Bachelor with Sean Lowe, and now this hot commercial casting associate is coming back to you in Bachelor in Paradise. 25-year-old Daniella McBride, a commercial casting associate from Belmont, California who  was eliminated by Sean Lowe after  the sixth episode of the Bachelor. But to … [Read More...]


Troy Warren – GMA Robin Roberts’ Stalker

Stalker alert! Homeless guy Troy Warren has been charged with misdemeanor stalking and harassment, his victim? Lovely Good Morning America anchor/cancer survivor Robin Roberts. 43-year-old Warren who lives in a homeless shelter allegedly visited the ABC morning show’s Times Square set several times in June and demanded to see the famous … [Read More...]


Amber Brantly: US Doctor Battling Ebola Virus Kent Brantly’s Wife

Amber Brantly is the wife of Kent Brantly, the doctor who is currently fighting Ebola virus – a highly contagious virus and one of the most deadly diseases in the world. Amber is also a mom to the couple’s adorable children. It is believed her 33-year-old husband, contracted the Ebola virus while serving with a Christian relief organization in … [Read More...]


Sarah Herron: Advertising Entrepreneur/ Bachelor in Paradise Contestant

Meet the lovely, smart and utterly sexy Sarah Herron, she is the former Bachelor contestant born with just one arm, she never allow this stop her or slow her down and you will see her rock Mexico in Bachelor in Paradise. Being born with one arm, or one leg or none at all in our opinion is only a disability if you want to se it that way, as a … [Read More...]


Michelle Kujawa – Officer Manager/ Bachelor in Paradise Contestant

According to spoilers on The Bachelor in Paradise, we’ll find major drama when it comes about 26-year-old Anaheim, CA resident Michelle Kujawa! Reports say the pretty gal quits the show! At least that’s the word online! And we have the details! Get this, Kujawa leaves –or is kicked out, is not clear yet –because she gets caught having sex with … [Read More...]


Ashlee Frazier: Personal Organizer/ Contestant on Bachelor In Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise is right around the corner and we couldn’t pass on the opportunity to tell you about some of their hottest contestants! Meet Ashlee Frazier! The 32-year-old Houston, Texas native looks like a very classy woman but we all know when a guy is in between two and in this case more women, classy is something you forget! She was … [Read More...]


Graham Bunn: Entrepreneur/ Bachelor in Paradise Contestant

Graham Bunn, another hot guy on ABC’s newest show Bachelor in paradise is back in action for a second chance to find love, he wasn’t so lucky the first time when he appeared on the fourth season of the Bachelorette. 35-year-old Graham Bunn fail attempt to win DeAnna Pappas’ heart  came to an end during the sixth episode of the fourth season of  … [Read More...]


Leonard Belzer – Law & Order’ actor Richard Belzer’s Brother

We are sorry to hear about the sudden death of Leonard Belzer, the brother of actor Richard Belzer. According to reports Leonard jumped to his death from his luxury Manhattan apartment building Wednesday morning, fellow residents and building workers witnessed. Mr. Belzer lived on the 11th floor and jumped from the roof of the 15-story high-rise … [Read More...]

Jessica Barrymore, the half sister of actress Drew Barrymore was found dead inside her car #drewbarrymore #halfsister #jessicabarrymore @dailyentertainmentnews

Jessica Barrymore: Drew Barrymore’s Half Sister

Jessica Barrymore, the half sister of actress Drew Barrymore was found dead inside her car, along with a can of energy drink and way too many white pills, Jessica would have been celebrating her 48th birthday on Thursday. Aссоrding tо ABC 10 San Diego, thе 48-year-old older sibling wаѕ discovered bу a neighbor in hеr car with “dozens оf white … [Read More...]


Cassie Kraemer- Extreme Weight Loss Contestant

We know when we are not happy with ourselves everything else will go wrong; 39-year-old Cassie Kraemer a woman who gained 200 lbs after pregnancy hit rock bottom and decided to ask for help. Kraemer who resides in Wisconsin says she was physically fit growing up, but that changed when she became pregnant at 20. She says her decision to give her … [Read More...]


Christine Bently – Dwayne Johnson’s Co-star and Mistress??

Gorgeous 1.73 m actress Christine Bently  is starring in HBO’s upcoming series Ballers -Ballers chronicles the lives of a couple of athletes & retired athletes in Miami –and apparently she is so excited about her co-star that she might have gone too far on her comments! What is she trying to make us think? The stunning blonde who is known … [Read More...]


Ommy Irizarry – Dad Killed by Plane crash Landing in Florida

Sgt. Ommy Irizarry was sadly killed by a plane that crashed into him and his daughter as they walked along a beach in Florida on Sunday afternoon. He and his family were vacationing when the freak accident occurred. Authorities explained the small Piper plane lost power and crash landed on a beach in Venice; Ommy and his daughter were walking … [Read More...]


Jesslyn Taylor – Tim McGraw’s Alleged Slapping Victim

Meet Jesslyn Harris Taylor, she is the woman who got slapped by country music superstar, Tim McGraw during an ATL concert earlier this month! According to recent reports, it appears that Jesslyn Taylor isn’t ready to ride into the sunset or nowhere near with her former country crooner idol; Taylor from Atlanta, Georgia got slapped by Tim McGraw … [Read More...]