Model Oliver Cheshire – Pixie Lott’s Sexy Boyfriend

Model Oliver Cheshire must be feeling pretty lonely these days as his 23-year-old singer girlfriend Pixie Lott is super busy managing to strike a balance between her music career and Strictly commitments, and she has had her professional dance partner Trent Whiddon training her in spare time between live concerts. Back in August 2014 it was … [Read More...]


Jack Street – T.V Presenter/ Strictly Come dancing Caroline Flack’s Boyfriend

Jack Street’s gal, Caroline Flack is determined to make a good impression in her up coming debut for Strictly Come Dancing! The 34-year-old TV host has been putting in some hard work with her professional partner Pasha Kovalev, 34. Reports say Jack’s older woman went through a marathon seven hours of rehearsals as she got ready to compete for … [Read More...]


Birdman: Keyshia Cole’s Boyfriend

Birdman’s gal pal, Grammy-nominated singer Keyshia Cole was busted and taken to jail! Apparently the 32-year-old singer got into a cat fight with a woman who apparently spent the night with her rumored BF. TMZ, says Cole showed up at the swanky Carlyle condo complex in West L.A. at around 5 AM. to see her beau, somehow went pass security and … [Read More...]


Svitlana Sangary: The Fake Lawyer to the stars!

You’ve probably heard, in life you, “You got to do what you got to do.” For a Los Angeles attorney that, did not work as she expected. Meet L.A. Attorney Svitlana E. Sangary who faces Bar suspension for using Photoshop to create celebrity clients/friends! Svitlana –according to her website –concentrates on trial practice and civil litigation, … [Read More...]


Nikita Bess- Prince Jackson’s Girlfriend

Prince Jackson doesn’t have to do much to get our attention. According to a report from RadarOnline.com the 17-year-old son of late pop legend Michael Jackson, has fallen so hard for his girlfriend that he gave her a promise ring because “he wants to be with her forever” a source told the site. The pair are two cute together, and although … [Read More...]


Sheila Hafsadi: Twilight actor Jackson Rathbone’s Wife

26-year-old Sheila Hafsadi is the lovely wife of Twilight actor, hunky Jackson Rathbone. The couple has been married for little over a year but they are certainly having some unforgettable experiences! We are happy to inform they are safe and sound but earlier today Sheila and her hubby and young son had a life/death scare! Born Sheila Tamar … [Read More...]


Sarah Manchester- Math Teacher/ Wheel of Fortune’s New Millionaire!

Ever dreamt about winning the jackpot? Middle school math teacher, Sarah Manchester doesn’t have to dream anymore! Wednesday night episode of “Wheel of Fortune” showed Sarah becoming only the third person to win the $1 million grand prize! Sarah Manchester of Silver Spring, Maryland, solved the wining puzzle – the phrase “Loud Laughter.” In … [Read More...]


Top Facts about John Cantlie British Reporter Captured by ISIS

43-year-old Veteran war photographer John Cantlie was featured in a new ISIS video titled "Lend me your ears". The footage was released on Thursday featuring Cantlie seated behind a desk, explaining the group’s message and warning that America and its allies are foolishly heading into another unwinnable war. This time Cantlie is not kneeling n a … [Read More...]


Gwen Korovin: Joan Rivers Doc!

56-year-old Ear nose and throat specialist Gwen Korovin has been identified as the doctor who was performing a biopsy on comedian icon Joan Rivers and which resulted on her death. Media reports Korovin seems to be hiding ever since and which is totally unlike her. Sources told Radaronline and TMZ, Korovin never shied away from the limelight when … [Read More...]


Ty Anderson : Pamela Anderson’s High School Boyfriend

Tyrone Anderson is a famous man! He hasn’t done anything out of the ordinary but having dated Pamela Anderson could be taken as exactly a great deed. Better known as just “Ty” he had a lengthy romance with Pamela Anderson ages ago but he keeps a collection of love letters sent to him by Pamela during this time. They guy considers himself a big … [Read More...]


Christopher Alan Ware – British Couple Hannah Witheridge and David Miller’ Killer???

Christopher Alan Ware is living his worst nightmare, what could be worst than being a suspect of murder in Thailand? Ever saw “Return to Paradise” ?? Now, this is no fiction, the Briton has been pointed out as a suspect over the brutal murder of his close friend and another female backpacker! The slayings of David Miller and his romantic … [Read More...]


Keith Tollefson: Country Singer Whitney Duncan’s Husband/ Amazing Race Partner

Waiting for Amazing Race Season 25 to premiering Sept. 26 on CBS?! Us too! 30-year-old Singer/Songwriter Whitney Duncan and her man Keith Tollefson have been confirmed to appear on the show! It makes sense the couple are racing as a team in the upcoming season 25 of Amazing Race, since sparkles flew between then in another TV … [Read More...]


Rebecca Sneed: Lyle Menendez Wife

44-year-old Rebecca Sneed the wife of murder convict Lyle Menendez, allegedly wants to get a divorce after finding out her husband of 11-years is living a double life as a gay man in prison! You would think the first sign to get a divorce (or even to get near him!) is that he –along with his younger brother –is serving life in jail for having … [Read More...]


Bonny Tovar- Walmart VP of Communication Dave Tovar’s wife

Bonny Tovar is the wife of Walmart's vice president of corporate communications, David Tovar. Her hubby was recently exposed during an assessment that revealed he did not finished his college degree. Whoops! Bonny’s husband came forward and said during an phone interview he resigned after eight-years with the retail giant due to the recent … [Read More...]


Eric Matthew Frein – Pennsylvania cop killer

Beware of the man in the picture. Eric Frein, a man from Canadensis, has been identified as the suspect in the Pennsylvania state police shooting. He is currently being sought and is wanted by the law. He has been charged with with murder, attempted murder, assault and weapons offenses among other crimes. Born Eric Matthew Frein in 1983, he … [Read More...]


It’s A Girl For Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes

It’s a girl! Eva Mendes аnd Ryan Gosling welcomed a daughter оn Friday, Uѕ Weekly reports. News broke thаt Mendes, 40, аnd Gosling, 33, wеrе expecting in July. “She’s bееn rеаdу fоr motherhood fоr a whilе now,” a source told OK! magazine аt thе time. “And tо bе sharing thiѕ experience with Ryan [Gosling] iѕ a dream соmе true fоr her!” Back … [Read More...]


Brian Lucas: Django Unchained Actress Daniele Watts’ Boyfriend

Chef Brian Lucas is the husband of Actress Daniele Watts, best known for her role in “Django Unchained” and who was allegedly detained by Los Angeles police after the couple was found kissing in a parked car. The incident occurred Thursday, after a man in a nearby office asked the fully-clothed couple to “stop putting on a show.” Watts … [Read More...]


Shawn Berkes/ Shawn Thompson Upshaw: Bill Cosby’s Baby Mama

  Meet Shawn Berkes aka Shawn Thompson Upshaw, her name was revealed by Mark Whitaker book author of Mr. Cosby’s biography Cosby: His Life And Times. According to Whitaker Shawn Berkes was Bill’s mistress and mother of his love child, Autumn Jackson. Aссоrding tо Whitaker's book unbeknownst tо hiѕ wife, Camille, Cosby struck uр a … [Read More...]


Nik Nguyen: Floyd Mayweather’s Hard Rock Cafe waitress

Meet Nik Nguyen, she is waitress at a Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas who was pleased to served the boxer and his entourage, but she wasn’t that pleased when he didn’t tip her. 24-year-old waitress and bikini model Nik Nguyen, said she was excited when Floyd Mayweather walked inside the Hard rock Cafe she works at after he defeated Argentine … [Read More...]


Maria Kouka – Actor, Singer/ Strictly Come Dancing Contestant Simon Webbe’s Girlfriend

27-year-old TV Presenter, Actress, ex Beauty Queen, International Model & aspiring author all that and much more is gorgeous Maria Kouka. Any man would call himself lucky to be dating her and who is the fortunate fella? Maria has been dating for the same guy for the past three years, fellow actor, singer and most recently Strictly Come Dancing … [Read More...]