Top 5 Facts about actor Leslie Jordan

Leslie Allen Jordan, the 60-year-old actor and playwright from Chattanooga, Tennessee is making headlines after he allegedly confronted at least three others who were yelling at him antigay slurs! According to reports, the scene began inside a West Hollywood Starbucks coffee house but Leslie and the others took it outside! Despite the fact he … [Read More...]


Mattie Azurmendi is NY Teacher David Azurmendi’s Wife

Meet Mattie Azurmendi the wife of David Azurmendi Mattie Azurmendi is the wife of a Manhattan teacher who’s been charged with third-degree rape for having sex with a student! Her husband, David Azurmendi and a 16-year-old student were at an East Village nightclub when they were busted, reports say. 34-year-old David –who was supposed to start a … [Read More...]


Tammy Brevik is Dr. Walter Palmer’s Assistant

Meet Tammy Brevik, she is Dr. Walter Palmer's Assistant  We previously told about the Minnesota dentist, Walter Palmer –who killed “Cecil” the most famous lion in Africa –and as a result has caused worldwide outrage! Well it seems we haven't seen the end of it. Now it's been revealed he was sued by a former assistant, lets read more about Dr. … [Read More...]


Maddie Corman is Law & Order Director Jason Alexander’s Wife

 Meet Maddie Corman the wife of Director Jason Alexander 44-year-old TV actress Maddie Corman must be devastated after hearing the news of her husband’s arrest under child pornography charges! According to NBC NY, Alexander was arrested Wednesday in Westchester County and charged with one count of promoting a sexual performance by a child and … [Read More...]


Christine Ouzounian is Ben Affleck’s Nanny / Girlfriend

Meet Christine Ouzounian The lovely 28-year-old Christine Ouzounian is said to be dating her employer, none other than –still married –43 year-old actor, film director, screenwriter and producer Ben Affleck! Ben and his wife of ten-years, actress Jennifer Garner –parents of three children –announced last month their separation, now reports say … [Read More...]


Michel Middleton and Laura Jordan

Meet Michel Middleton and Laura Jordan The parents of the 8-year-old who was found dead inside a recycling  bin, Madyson Middleton. As we previously reported, a 15-year-old boy who lived at the same home complex was arrested as a murder suspect short after Maddy’s body was found. 42-year-old Laura Jean Jordan reported her daughter missing on … [Read More...]

Adrian Jerry Gonzalez is Madyson Middleton Killer

Adrian Jerry Gonzalez is Madyson Middleton Killer

Madyson Middleton's killer  Adrian Jerry Gonzalez Adrian Jerry Gonzalez  is the 15-year-old teenager is said to have killed his 8-year-old neighbor. Madyson Middleton of Santa Cruz vanished on Sunday afternoon, she and her parents lived in the Tannery Arts Center. She was missing for about 26-hours and was recorded riding her scooter by a security … [Read More...]


Quinceanera Ashley gets escorted by Justin Bieber on Knock Knock

Meet Quinceanera Ashley You don’t want to miss Tuesday’s episode on “Knock Knock Live” –the Fox’s reality series that enlists friends, families, neighbors and celebrities as it knocks on participants’ doors to surprise them with anything from a chance to play basketball with an NBA great to a cash windfall! This is the time for Quinceanera … [Read More...]

cecil the lion dr  walter palmer tonette palmer

Tonette Palmer Dentist Walter J Palmer’s Wife

Dr. Walter Palmer’s Wife Tonette Palmer Mrs. Tonette Palmer could be worried her husband’s practice will go  down the drain after he was revealed as the man who killed Cecil The Lion  around July 6. Dr. Walter Palmer has already been fined for lying about the location where he killed a bear in 2008, he is now facing charges in … [Read More...]


Jennifer Pan hired hit man to kill parents

Meet Jennifer Pan, a woman with Asian roots residing in Canada who hired two men to kill her parents –who submitted her to years of feeling like she was trapped –four years ago. Jennifer born in 1987,  is the first child of Canadian Immigrants Bich Ha and Huei Hann Pan. Her parents married in Toronto and lived in Scarborough, she has a brother … [Read More...]


Pat Houston is Bobbi Kristina’s Aunt

As details unveil following the death of 22-year-old Bobbi Kristina Brown, the only daughter of late/iconic singer Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, we learn more about the funeral arraignments and how the family is said to be devastated over her ultimate death, sources say. One of those family members is Pat Houston, Bobbi Kristina’s aunt –who … [Read More...]

Emily thomas boyfriend Alex roberts

Alex Roberts is Tom Cruise Assistant Emily Thomas’ Boyfriend

This handsome man is Alex Roberts the boyfriend of Emily Thomas! We all remember Emily Thomas right? She is the pretty assistant of actor Tom Cruise who has been described as a Katie Holmes look-alike many people  said Emily is dating the Mission Impossible actor but  in reality Emily already has a boyfriend, his name is Alex Roberts. A few … [Read More...]


David Silverstone: Alicia Silverstone’s brother

David Silverstone, the brother of Clueless actress Alicia Silverstone has been arrested for growing weed! Silverstone was in one f two properties  in Redwood Valley, California, that were raided over growing marijuana. He has been charged with two felony counts of cultivating and processing marijuana and possession of the drug for sale, reports … [Read More...]


Top Ten Facts About Bobbi Kristina Brown

On January 31st, Bobbi Kristina Brown was discovered face down and unresponsive in a bathtub, now almost 6-months later the 22-year-old has died according to a family representative. She died on July 26 surrounded by her family. It was her boyfriend Nick Gordon and a male friend who discovered Brown unconscious in her townhome. As we send our … [Read More...]

John russell Houser wife Kellie Houser

Kellie Houser: LA Theater Shooter John Russell Houser’s Wife

Kellie Houser  is the estranged wife of John Russell Houser who killed  2 injured 9 more before turning the gun to himself at the screening of TrainWreck in Lafayette, Louisiana on Thursday July 23, 2015. Kellie Houser knew her husband John Russell Houser known as Rusty Houser had a  mental  problem, but not even her suspected the  man she once … [Read More...]


Jillian Johnson: LA Theater Shooting Victim

33-year-old Jillian Johnson has been identified as one of the victims in the Lafayette, Louisiana movie theater shooting.  Johnson and another woman were shot and killed by John Russell Houser while watching the movie Trainwreck at the Grand 16 theater last night. Born March 4, 1982, Jillian died later at the hospital. According to her LinkedIn … [Read More...]

Mayci Breaux boyfriend Matthew Rodriguez

Matthew Rodriguez: LA. Theater Shooting Victim Mayci Breaux’s Boyfriend

Mayci Breaux, a young, beautiful, kind and smart woman was among the two victims killed in the shooting at the screening of Trainwreck in Louisiana by shooter John Russell Houser. Mayci is survived by her parents, siblings and her boyfriend Matthew Rodriguez to whom she was planning to marry and have children. 21-year-od Mayci Breaux was one of … [Read More...]


Amos Shook: Remains found in lake 43 years later

The remains of Amos Shook –a man from Caldwell Co. –have been found after 43 years. It was his daughter who asked his case to be looked at again. Divers using sophisticated technology made the finding and once they recovered the green 1968 Pontiac they knew it was him. The car matches with the one Shook was driving the day he vanished. On … [Read More...]


John Russell Houser: Louisiana Theater Gunman

Police has identified a man who sat silently in a Lafayette, Louisiana movie theater for 20 minutes before shooting 11 others in an incident that was over in matter of seconds witnesses say! According to witnesses 59-year-old John 'Rusty' Houser, was seated in the theater "just like everybody else" before firing 13 rounds, Houser sadly managed … [Read More...]

Daron Norwood wife Suella Norwood 2015

Suella Norwood: Country Singer Daron Norwood’s Wife

49-year-old Daron Norwood the county singer known for the songs like Cowboys Don’t Cry, I Wouldn’t Have You, Ready, Willing and and Able was found dead at his apartment in Texas. He is survived by his wife Suella Norwood and children. “On July 22nd, 2015, at approximately 2 p.m., officers of the Hereford Police Department, along with medical … [Read More...]


Sandra Bland’s Sister Sharon Cooper

Meet Sharon Cooper, she is the sister of a woman who was found dead inside her jail cell in Texas earlier this week, her sister identified as Sandra Bland from Illinois, drove to Texas for a new job opportunity. Cooper’s sister had been arrested three days prior to her death during a routine traffic stop. Her demise has been ruled as a suicide, … [Read More...]