Bella Hadid – Yolanda Foster’s Daughter in DUI Arrest

17-year-old Bella Hadid, the daughter of The Real Houswives of Beverly Hills –Yolanda Foster and real estate developer Mohamed Hadid –was  arrested and charged with DUI! Mom and dad pictured below. According to news outlets the teenager was driving on the Pacific Coast Highway when she was pulled over, reports TMZ. Officers detected alcohol and … [Read More...]


Tanya Ma- Ben Stein’s Pregnant Ex- escort

  “It’s much more than sexting, cyber-escorting or being a sugar daddy — it’s unhealthy and toxic behavior that needs to be exposed,” Meet Tanya Ma, a pregnant and former escort who said the words above describing a relationship that got out of control between her and 69-year-old actor and former Nixon speechwriter Ben … [Read More...]


Elsemiek de Borst – Only child of Hans de Borst killed in MH17

17-year-old Dutch native Elsemiek de Borst is one of the 295 passengers and crew who were killed aboard the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 last Thursday. Grieving family members and friends are coming forward on how the tragedy has affected their lives –and Elsemiek’s father is no exception. Hans de Borst comes to our attention after he posted an … [Read More...]


Greta “Gigi” Garner – James Garner’s Daughter

The great James Garner passed away at the age of 86 on July 19, 2014 in Los Angeles, James leaves behind his beloved wife Lois Clarke and his two daughter Kimberly who he adopted and Greta Garner also known as Gigi Garner. Gigi's loving father Mr. James Garner, whоѕе whimsical style in thе 1950s TV Western "Maverick" led tо a stellar career in … [Read More...]

james garner Wife lois clarke

Lois Clarke – Actor James Garner’s Wife

James Garner, the famous actor who played older Noah in Nicolas Sparks’ The Notebook passed away at the age of 86. Mr. Garner lived a wonderful and happy life married to his true love, his wife Lois Clarke, mother of his two beautiful daughter Gigi and Kimberly. The great James Garner has done thousand of amazing movies, but I think you will all … [Read More...]


Camilla Thurlow – Prince Harry’s New Girlfriend

Prince Harry was spotted locking lips with a pretty brunette by the name of Camilla Thurlow, if the name sounds familiar if because she works at Princess Diana’s charity, The Halo Trust. According to the Daily Mail Prince Harry, 29, and pretty girl Camilla Thurlow, 25, were  seen kissing at Tonteria nightclub in Sloane Square, central London, … [Read More...]


Quinn Lucas Schansman- US Citizen Killed in Malaysia Flight MH17

Quinn Lucas Schansman has been identified by president Barack Obama as the only U.S. citizen who lost his life on board the Malaysia Airlines plane that was shot down over Ukraine, allegedly by Russian separatists using sophisticated missile technology. According to media outlets Schansman was on his way to meet family members vacationing in … [Read More...]


Karlijn Keijzer – Indiana University Student Killed in Malaysia Flight MH17

The devastating reality for the family members and friends of the passengers aboard Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 begins as they try to comprehend what exactly happened to their loved ones. Passengers have begun to be identified and one of them, an Indiana University student by the named of Karlijn Keijzer. According to news outlets the … [Read More...]


Jackie Parr – Florida Stylist/ Bachelor in Paradise Contestant

Re-connect with Jackie Parr, you previously met her on the Bachelor a couple of season ago and today she is coming back to you. Jackie is another contestant on Bachelor in Paradise who has a beauty related job, she is a makeup artist while Money and Crawley are into hair. Sexy 26-year-old Jackie Parr was a major threat to the rest of the … [Read More...]


Shocking Photos!! Malaysia Flight MH17 Shot Down By Missile

The sinister news of the Malaysian Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, carrying 295 passengers, shot down while flying through Ukraine airspace, has been now confirmed. This is double hit, following the disappearance of MH370 –which vanished on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing in March –it has yet to be found despite a massive … [Read More...]


Michelle Money: Utah Stylist and contestant on The Bachelor in Paradise

The Bachelor in Paradise is bringing back some of the most memorable contestant from the Bachelor and The Bachelorette, one of them is Michelle Money a hairstylist from Utah and former actress. Michelle Money is giving love a second chance, well, maybe is the other way around. The last time we saw Michelle was back in 2011 where she appeared … [Read More...]


Michelle Sucillon – Astronaut Buzz Aldrin’s Girlfriend

Is that time of the year where we remember how two men became the first humans to step onto another heavenly body. On Sunday 20th we commemorate another Apollo 11 milestone, this year being the 45th anniversary of Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong’s moon landing, along with Michael Collins, orbiting solo around the moon in the mother … [Read More...]


Lauren Skaar – Michael Vartan’s Wife

Real state agent Lauren Skaar, the wife of French-American film and television actor, Michael Vartan are getting a divorce! After being hitched for three years the couple have decided to take their separate ways. Her soon-to-be ex hubby is probably best known for the role of Michael Vaughn on the American television action drama Alias. According … [Read More...]


Scott Sveslosky – Danica McKellar Boyfriend/ Soon to be Husband

Former Wonder  Years actress  Danica McKellar revealed thanked to her DWTS partner that she is dating sexy lawyer Scott Sveslosky, who become her husband pretty soon. 'Yep, my amazing boyfriend Scott & I are engaged!! (He's the one @iamvalc did a shout out to on #DWTS) :) Hugs to you all!' That was what pretty Danica McKellar tweeted to … [Read More...]


Who is Drake’s Current Girlfriend?

27-year-old rapper Drake has been keeping us guessing about his romantic status for the past couple of months! Drake was previously linked to Rihanna, who he reunited with in back in February at his concert in Paris, but they are said to have parted ways. 'Rihanna and Drake had another fight. He is too in love with her, which has always been the … [Read More...]


Kevin McEnroe -Tennis Legend John McEnroe’s Son

27-year-old Kevin McEnroe the son of former tennis champ John McEnroe and actress Tatum O'Neal, was arrested Tuesday night in New York City and accused of possessing multiple drugs. Major media outlets are going at it about the story, who would have thought, the son of a major athlete is a major drug dealer?   The drugs reportedly … [Read More...]


Henry Little Griggs – NYT former exec Jill Abramson’s Husband

  Meet Henry Little Griggs III, who has been married to author and journalist Jill Ellen Abramson for the past 33-years. His wife who is better known for her role as executive editor of The New York Times is finally spilling the beans following her very public dismissal back in May. His wife and mother of the couple’s two children, is … [Read More...]

Bobby Zarin, is the husband of Jill Zarin together they appeared on the Real Housewives of New York and featured in Celebrity Wife Swap. #celebritywifeswap #bobbyzarin #jillzarin @dailyentertainmentnews

Bobby Zarin – Former RHONY Star Jill Zarin’s Husband

Meet Bobby Zarin, but you already know him, because our pal Bobby is the husband of Jill Zarin together they appeared on the Real Housewives of New York or  RHONY.  Would you like to know more about Mr. Zarin? Former Real Housewife of New star Jill Zarin is coming back to television, this time Jill is not joining her former RHONY friends but … [Read More...]


Brad Bratcher – Country Singer Jenna Von Oy’s Husband

Meet account exec Brad Bratcher, he is also the husband of former Blossom actress, Jenna Von Oy. Brad will be featured on the next episode of Celebrity Wife Swap when he trades his pregnant wife Jenna, for former Real House Wife, Jill Zarin. While Bratcher chose to wed a woman in the entertainment industry, he couldn't be more of an … [Read More...]