Baruch Vega and Gina Rue – Alexa Vega’s Parents

Baruch Vega and Gina Rue  proud parents of Alexa Vega!! Baruch Vega and Gina Rue are the proud parents of pretty actress Alexa Vega, she is known for playing the role of Antonio Banderas’ daughter Carmen Cortez in Spy Kids. Alexa is competing on the 21st season of Dancing with The Stars along her husband Big Time Rush singer Carlos Pena, who is … [Read More...]

Wes Craven wife Iya Labunka

Iya Labunka – Wes Craven’s Wife

Wes Craven Incredible Horror Film Maker was married to Iya Labunka Iya Labunka was the third wife of horror film director Wes Craven famous for creating A Nightmare on Elm Street. Wes Craven passed away from brain cancer at aged 76. He is survived by his wife Iya and children Jonathan, Jessica Craven, step-daughter Nina Tarnawsky, sister Carol … [Read More...]


Margarita and Carlos Pena Sr. – Carlos PenaVega’s Parents

Meet Margarita and Carlos Pena Sr. Margarita and Carlos Pena Sr. are the proud parents of “Big Time Rush” actor and singer Carlos PenVega. Their son is for starring on the Nickelodeon series, and now he can add to his resume DWTS contestant! Season 21 of Dancing With the Stars just got interesting! According to E! Is the first time the dancing … [Read More...]


Doug Rasheed – Chaka Khan’s husband

Meet Doug Rasheed Doug Rasheed is the husband of The Queen of Funk, Chaka Khan. His 62-year-old iconic singer wife will appear in the upcoming season 21 of DWTS! Chaka Khan was born March 23, 1953. The 10-time Grammy winner is known for her 1984 hit song "I Feel For You", for her smash hit "I'm Every Woman" and as a member of the funk band Rufus, … [Read More...]


Lauren Kitt – Singer Nick Carter’s Wife

Meet Lauren Kitt Lauren Kitt is the wife of 35-year-old former boy band member, Nick Carter. We’ll be seeing much more of Lauren’s hubby, reports say the Backstreet Boys’ singer will be taking part in the upcoming 21st season DWTS. According to the Daily Mail, nick decided to give the show a chance after being asked 5-times. He told US Weekly … [Read More...]


Chad and Elizabeth Grier- Hayes Grier’s Parents

Meet Chad and Elizabeth Grier Chad and Elizabeth Grier are the proud parents of Vine and YouTube personality Hayes Grier! Their son will be doing much more than posting videos now that he’ll be joining season 21 of “Dancing With The Stars.'' Chad and Elizabeth Grier are not together anymore but during their marriage they became the parents of … [Read More...]


Masika Kalysha is Fetty Wap’s Girlfriend

Meet Masika Kalysha Masika Kalysha is the girlfriend of rapper Willie Maxwell! No? You don’t know him? Well how about if we tell you Fetty Wap? Yes, 25-year-old Paterson, New Jersey rapper Fetty Wap known for his 2014 hit single “Trap Queen” was born Willie Maxwell on June 7, 1990. The one-eyed emcee is currently nominated for a Moonman on this … [Read More...]


Josephine de La Baume is Mark Ronson’s Wife

Meet Joséphine de La Baume Joséphine de La Baume is a French actress who happens to be married to English musician, DJ, singer, and record producer, Mark Ronson. La Baume must be very proud of her hubby who is currently nominated for a Moonman in this weekend’s VMAs! Her super star DJ hubby is currently nomintaed for “Best Pop Video” along with … [Read More...]


Whitney Alford is Kendrick Lamar’s fiance

Meet Whitney Alford This upcoming weekend the MTV Video Music Awards will feature some of you favorite stars including 28-year-old rapper and two-time Grammy winner Kendrick Lamar, most likely his girl Whitney Alford will also attend the show! Whitney Alford and Lamar have history together, the couple got engaged earlier this year after a … [Read More...]

Noel Biderman mistress

Who is Noel Biderman’s Canadian Mistress Melisa from the Spa?

Ashley Madison's CEO Noel Biderman cheated on wife with several women Buzzfeed News reported Ashley Madison's CEO Noel Biderman sustained an affair with a Canadian woman that went on for a several years, but who Noel Biderman's Canadian mistress? Like him, the woman who identified herself as Melisa from the Spa was in committed relationship with … [Read More...]


Lorah Joe – Vester Flanagan’s Prom Date

Meet Lorah Joe Lorah Joe of Burbank, C.A. is the woman who attended her prom with none other than VA journalists killer Vester Flanagan. Vester Lee Flanagan II, known professionally as Bryce Williams, shot and killed Alison Parker, 24 and Adam Ward, 27 –a WDBJ reporter and her cameraman respectively –during an on-air interview yesterday in … [Read More...]


Marcus is CeCe Peniston’s Boyfriend/ Fiance

Meet Marcus Is that time of the week! You got it! Celebrity Wife swap is on tonight and as usual it brings an interesting mix of couples! Former 90s singer Cece Peniston and Marcus will trade places with former child actress, Kellie Williams and her man. While D.C. native Williams is happily married and has two children with hubby Hannibal … [Read More...]


Hannibal Jackson – Actress Kellie Williams’ husband

Meet Hannibal Jackson Hannibal Jackson is the husband of former child star Kellie Williams, his wife is best known for her roles in the 90’s hit TV show “Family Matters.” Williams played “Laura Winslow” during nine seasons of the show. Want to know more about her hubby? You’re in luck! The Jackson family is in for a treat, it’s their turn on … [Read More...]


Bryce Williams/ Vester Lee Flanagan II is VA Journalists Shooter

Meet Bryce Williams/Vester Lee Flanagan II 41-year-old Vester Lee Flanagan II has been identified as the gunman who viciously shot dead two broadcast journalists during a live interview this morning in Virginia! The victims were named by CBS’s general manager as 24-year-old reporter Alison Parker and her cameraman, Adam Ward, 27. Vester Lee … [Read More...]

Alison parker boyfriend Chris Hurst

Chris Hurst – WDBJ Reporter Alison Parker’s Boyfriend

Alison Parker TV reporter for WDBJ was dating Chris Hurst Chris Hurst confirmed he was the boyfriend of 24-year-old Alison Parker, the TV reporter for WDBJ-TV, a CBS affiliate serving the Roanoke-Lynchburg television market who was fatally shot along her cameraman and dear friend Adam Ward by an unidentified gunman who opened fire while Alison was … [Read More...]


Melissa Ott – WDBJ photographer Adam Ward’s Girlfriend

Meet Melissa Ott Melissa Ott  is the girlfriend of  WDBJ cameraman Adam Ward –who is one of two broadcast journalists killed in a shooting while working live! The shooting was captured on live television in Moneta, Virginia early this morning. Outlets say Ward was filming reporter Alison Parker –who was conducting a live interview –when the … [Read More...]


Neysi Perez – Pregnant Teen Buried Alive

Meet Neysi Perez Neysi Perez is the 16-year-old who is making headlines around the world! As crazy as it sounds Perez, a Honduras native was buried alive after she was declared dead by doctors in her home country! Perez was already a married woman and was three months pregnant when she allegedly suffered a panic attack which made her seem … [Read More...]


Samantha Lerner – Andrew Silverman’s Girlfriend

Meet Samantha Lerner Samantha Lerner is the new girlfriend of 38-year-old Real state mogul, Andre Silverman. You might remember Silverman from his scandal involving ex-wife Lauren and former best pal Simon Cowell. You don’t? Well, we’ll refresh your memory;  in 2013 Andrew was dumped by Lauren Silverman who got in a steamy relationship with … [Read More...]

Terri Irvin Bindi Irvin mother

Terri Irvin is Bindi Irvin’s mother

Terri Irvin proud mother of Bindi Irvin Terri Irwin the loving wife of late Australian naturalist Steve Irvin known as the Crocodile Hunter will be cheering for her beautiful daughter Bindi Irvin who is one of the celebrities competing on the 21st Season of Dancing With The Stars, no man to sit by her side, romantically speaking but for sure her … [Read More...]