Candy Carson: Ben Carson’s Wife

Meet Candy Carson, the wife of retired neurosurgeon and conservative star, Ben Carson 63. Her famed husband announced that he will seek the Republican nomination for President of the United States in 2016. It’s important to get to know the presidential candidates but a lot can be said when we get to know the women behind them! Candy who … [Read More...]


Gail Skelos: NY Senate Leader Dean Skelos’ Wife

Meet Gail Skelos, the wife of Republican Temporary President and Majority Leader of the New York State Senate, Dean Skelos. Her 67-year-old hubby –dubbed the highest-ranking Republican official in state government –is making headlines and not exactly for his good labor. According to several media outlets Gail’s husband and son have been arrested … [Read More...]


Elton Simpson: Muhammad Art Contest Shooter

Late Sunday we heard about the shooting in Garland, Texas outside a community center that was hosting an event displaying cartoons of the prophet Muhammad. Arizona man, Elton Simpson has been identified as the main suspect. Authorities say it is believed Elton twitted about the attack about half an hour before it took place, he used the … [Read More...]


SurveyMonkey CEO David Goldberg: Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s Husband

Talk about a powerful business  couple, in our opinion the marriage of SurveyMonkey CEO to Sheryl Sandberg who is Facebook’s Chief operating Officer is very appealing, shall we dig our noses into the lives of these two? Sheryl Sandberg is only 44, and she is already worth $1billion, two years ago she was named in Time’s 100 most influential … [Read More...]


Adam Cahan: Model Anne V Yahoo Exec’s Boyfriend

Meet 43-year-old Adam Cahan, the boyfriend of supermodel Anne Vyalitsyna. Adam a Yahoo exec and his girlfriend of over a year will soon become parents! Adam’s 29-year-old catwalk star girlfriend, has been featured for 10-years-in-a-row in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, the blonde who is currently 7-months pregnant must be ensuring her … [Read More...]


David Rubulotta: CNN anchor Erin Burnett’s husband

45--year-old banker David Thomas Rubulotta is the husband of CNN anchor Erin Burnett. His wife of nearly three years, doesn’t seem to understand why it's inappropriate to refer to young Baltimore protesters as "thugs” the Huffington Post reports. David met Erin on a blind date, eight years before they tied the knot. He popped the question on … [Read More...]


Lana Meisner: Eagles Randy Meisner’s Wife

Things are not looking good for 62-year-old Lana R Meisner, the wife of Eagle’s founding member Randy Meisner. Recent reports accuse the lady of keeping her 69-year-old man intoxicated! According to TMZ Lana is being accused by Randy’s friend James Newton, who claims in legal documents that Randy –who has been diagnosed with brain damage –is in … [Read More...]


Jean Nidetch: Weight Watchers Founder Bio, Husband and Children

We are sorry to hear about the passing of Jean Nidetch, the woman who created Weight Watchers. Jean who was 91, died in Ft. Lauderdale according to reports from TMZ. Jean, your ordinary housewife was struggling with her weight in 1961, at the time she was 5'7" and weighed 214 lbs. She then did the extraordinary by following simple eating tips … [Read More...]


Aryn Drake-Lee: actor Jesse Williams’ wife

Real Estate Broker Aryn Drake-Lee is the wife of three-years of actor Jesse Williams or Grey’s Anatomy Dr. Jackson Avery. Following Baltimore’s protests, Aryn’s 33-year-old hubby took to social media to express his thoughts on the history of rioting. Jesse Tweeted a passionate ‘essay’ as he unloaded on Baltimore critics, is not the first time … [Read More...]


Bryiana Noelle Flores: Ridiculousness Host Rob Dyrdek’s Girlfriend

Meet Playboy model Bryiana Noelle Flores, the girlfriend of 40-year-old pro skateboarder and host of MTV's "Ridiculousness," Rob Dyrdek! The couple has taken the next step into their relationship and recently got engaged! Gorgeous Bryiana shared on Instagram the happy and memorable moment when Dyrdek popped the question. Rob’s proposal is one … [Read More...]


Roxanna Haynes: New York Meteorologist

Meet Roxanna Haynes, a journalist/meteorologist who reveals she was forced by her ex-boyfriend to have an abortion! 30-year-old Haynes is accusing millionaire Stephen Jones 48, in a lawsuit that says he not only told her he would kill her and their un-born child if she didn’t have an abortion but also claims he tried to choke her while she was … [Read More...]


Ashley Arenson: Google Exec. Dan Fredinburg’s Girlfriend

Product manager Ashley Arenson lost her boyfriend, Google Exec., and adventure activist Dan Fredinburg. Her boyfriend died in the Mount Everest avalanche triggered by the quake, it was Dan’s third trip to the peak. Dan lost his life Saturday while hiking Mt. Everest, the 33-year-old sustained a major head injury when his climbing team was caught … [Read More...]


Anwar Hadid: Yolanda Foster’s Son

Meet Anwar Hadid, his famous last name might gave him away; that’s it! He is the only son of reality TV star Yolanda Hadid and former husband Mohamed Hadid. The only son of the former model, stunned in a photo his blonde mother posted to Instagram, captioned: “Thank you for sharing your compassioned heart and carrying me through these darkest … [Read More...]


Chrystie Scott: Bruce Jenner’s First Wife

Following the mind-blowing interview former athlete turned reality TV star, Bruce Jenner gave Diane Sawyer, people close to him have started to talk about their reaction. 64-year-old Chrystie Scott, Bruce’s first wife and mother of his two oldest children, was the first person that the Olympic champion confided in, he admitted in his 20/20 … [Read More...]


Esther Jenner: Bruce Jenner’s Mother

What many of us  thought it was just another stunt to try and get those ratings, Bruce Jenner’s transition into a woman is as real as the medals he once earned as an Olympian. As if drama isn’t enough with the Kardashian-Jenner clan, many thought Bruce Jenner a former track and field athlete turned television figure was just mumbling when rumors … [Read More...]


Pam Mettler: Bruce Jenner’s Sister

Bruce Jenner sat down for an exclusive interview with Diane Sawyer. Sawyer said she sat down one several occasions for this interview, she also talked to members of his family, including one of his two sisters  Mrs. Pam Mettler. Bruce Jenner the eldest son born to William Jenner and Esther Jenner (nee. McGuire), he has three siblings, his brother … [Read More...]


Timothy Sweeten and Elizabeth Millsap: Sawyer Sweeten’s Parents

By now you probably heard the tragic news regarding the death of child star Sawyer Sweeten who reports say committed suicide on April 23 at the young age of 19. Sawyer and his twin brother appeared on TV when they were only babies. He played the on-screen-son of Ray Romano and Patricia Heaton in the CBS hit comedy series “Everybody Loves … [Read More...]


Elaine Weinstein: US Hostage Warren Weinstein’s Wife

Meet 71-year-old Elaine Weinstein, the wife of killed US hostage, Dr. Warren Weinstein. Her husband was a former Peace Corps official working in Pakistan for community projects. It was announced by president Obama that Elaine’s 73-year-old husband and another hostage were killed in January during an American government's counterterrorism … [Read More...]


Kristina Karo: Mila Kunis’ Alleged best Ukrainian friend

What some people do to rubbed off a little fame! Meet Kristina Karo, an Ukranian woman who claims to be a childhood friend of actress Mila Kunis and who is accusing her of stealing a chicken! The ridiculous claim doesn't end there, this allegedly took place when they were just kids in Ukraine but Karo says Kunis stealing her pet chicken has … [Read More...]