Maureen Maloney Soap Opera Actor David Canary’s Wife

Maureen Maloney Maureen Maloney is the second wife of David Canary the soap opera actor known for his memorable roles on Bonanza, All my Children, Search For Tomorrow, Doctors and Another World. Maureen Maloney and Mr. Canary children Lisa, Kathryn and Christopher survived the famous actor who passed away of natural causes on November 16, at a … [Read More...]


Malaak Compton-Rock Chris Rock’s Wife

Meet Malaak Compton-Rock Malaak Compton-Rock was until recently Chris Rock’s talented and beautiful wife, but will not be part of her life because Chris filed for divorce from this Malaak, his wife of almost two decades, putting an end to their 19-year-marriage. "After much contemplation and 19 years of marriage, Chris and I have decided to go … [Read More...]

Mauricio Macri Juliana Awada

Juliana Awada Argentina’s President Mauricio Macri’s Wife

Juliana Awada Meet Juliana Awada, she is Argentina's new first lady, her husband Republican candidate Mauricio Macri who has served as Mayor of Buenos Aires  was elected President of Argentina on Sunday, November 22, 2015. Mr. Macri the son of Italian immigrant Francesco Macro a prominent businessman in the industrial and construction sectors will … [Read More...]

Alexis Sky Masika Kalysha Fetty Wap

Masika Kalysha or Alexis Sky is Fetty Wap’s Girlfriend

 Masika Kalysha or Alexis Sky? Who of these two beauties is the current girlfriend of rapper Fetty Wap Masika Kalysha or Alexis Sky? Some people said Masika Kalysha is the new girlfriend of rapper Fetty Wap, but others insisted that he got back together with curvy model Alexis Sky? This is so confusing!! So, check this out! you probably … [Read More...]

Taylor tilden Kira montgomery Charlie Sheen

Kira Montgomery Actress Who revealed Charlie Sheen’s HIV Secret

Kira Montgomery Kira Montgomery aka Taylor Tilden a porn actress who at one time she was one of Charlie Sheen's goddesses is the person who revealed he tested positive for HIV even though she received a large sum of money to keep the actor's secret. Taylor Tilden who is now married to tattoo artist Jay de Anda used the money she extorted from … [Read More...]

CJ Franco Len Wiseman New Girlfriend

CJ Franco Len Wiseman’s New Girlfriend

CJ Franco CJ Franco is the 24-year-old young model has been spotted more than once with married film director Len Wiseman who until this day is married to British actress Kate Beckinsale. Could it be that Len and Kate are already separated and they are heading to a divorce? That would explain why he was so comfortable being seen with another … [Read More...]

charlie sheen nurse ex girlfriend Amanda Bruce

Amanda Bruce Charlie Sheen’s Ex-Girlfriend

Amanda Bruce Amanda Bruce the ex-girlfriend of actor Charlie Sheen who recently confirmed he was diagnosed with HIV said that during the time she dated Sheen she has unprotected sex with him, even though she knew he had HIV. Amanda who sat down for an interview with Dr. Oz agreed that having unprotected sex with a person with HIV in this case … [Read More...]

abdelhamid abaaoud Hasna Aitboulahcen

Hasna Ait Boulahcen Female Bomber Abdelhamid Abaaoud’s Cousin

Hasna Ait boulahcen Hasna Ait boulahcen is the female kamikaze who blew herself up with a suicide belt during a raid in a flat in Saint-Denis, at first it was believed was the wife of Abdelhamid Abaaoud named as the mastermind in the Paris Attacks on Friday, but Hasna Ait boulahcen is not Abdelhamid Abaaoud's wife but his jihad obsessed cousin, … [Read More...]

Diesel Heroic French sniffer Police Dog

Diesel Heroic Police Dog Killed in Paris Raid

Diesel the Belgian Shepherd Police Dog Diesel is the seven-year-old Belgian shepherd police dog part of the police team that has a stand-off with suspected ISIS militants Saint-Denis flat where a female suicide bomber blew herself killing Diesel who was sent first into an apartment, which was used by at least six jihadis in the run up to the … [Read More...]

Charlie Sheen Kacey Jordan

Kacey Jordan Charlie Sheen’s Pregnant Porn actress

Kacey Jordan Kacey Jordan is the porn actress who had sex with actor Charlie Sheen who was already aware he was HIV, but didn't mention it to her during their drug-fueled 36-hour bender where even though they used a condom she ended up pregnant. Kacey who terminated the pregnancy said she has been tested and was given the all-clear, but even so … [Read More...]

charlie sheen doctor Robert Huizenga

Robert Huizenga Charlie Sheen’s Doctor

Robert Huizenga Robert Huizenga is a well known physician and doctor who we all remember when he testified at the O.J Simpson trial, he also appeared on the t.v show Biggest Loser, and films like into the Wild and Gone Girl; he is   the author of the book You're Okay, It's just a bruise, the book that inspired Oliver Stone in the making of the … [Read More...]

charlie sheen mother Janet sheen

Janet Sheen – Charlie Sheen’s mother

Janet Sheen Janet Sheen aka Janet Estevez or Janet Templeton is the mother of actors Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez, as well as Renee and Ramon Estevez. Mrs. Janet is the loving wife of the amazing Martin Sheen, who like Janet are dealing with the latest news about their son Charlie Sheen and his secret battle with HIV. Sources close to … [Read More...]

Charlie Sheen daughter Cassandra Estevez Huffman

Cassandra Estevez Charlie Sheen’s Daughter

Cassandra Estevez Cassandra Estevez is the eldest daughter of actor Charlie Sheen from his relationship with Paula Profit also known as Paula Speert who was Sheen's high school sweetheart. Cassandra Estevez now Cassandra Estevez Huffman after she married Casey Huffman, her high school sweetheart and father of her daughter Luna born in … [Read More...]

Donna Peele Charlie Sheen's First Wife

Donna Peele Charlie Sheen’s First Wife

Meet Donna Peele 20-years-ago model and actress, Donna Peele became the first woman to have said “I Do” to 50-year-old actor, Charlie Sheen, who is currently said to be HIV positive. Donna Peele, a model, met Charlie while working together in New York. The leggy, dark haired woman and Sheen, were filming a cigarette commercial together in 1995. … [Read More...]

Scottine Ross - Charlie Sheen's Ex- Fiance

Scottine Ross – Charlie Sheen’s Ex- Fiance

Meet Scottine Ross Scottine Ross is a porn star and the last official girlfriend of actor Charlie Sheen. The 50-year-old controversial Hollywood star,  is under major scrutiny as media outlets say he could be infected with HIV. Scottine Ross is best known in the industry by the name Brett Rossi. We previously told you about her in another post. … [Read More...]

Charlie Sheen is HIV Hollywood Actor

Charlie Sheen is HIV Hollywood Actor

 Charlie Sheen 50-year-old actor Charlie Sheen is said to be the Hollywood star infected with AIDS! According to a revealing exclusive in the National Enquirer, Charlie Sheen has been hiding the diagnose for years and has paid millions to keep the ones who already know, quiet! We cant deny, Sheen has been a brilliant and dedicated actor. He … [Read More...]

Abdelhamid Abaaoud Mastermind Behind Paris Attacks

Abdelhamid Abaaoud Mastermind Behind Paris Attacks

Meet Abdelhamid Abaaoud Abdelhamid Abaaoud is the man, French officials believe could have planned the devastating Paris Attacks, that killed at least 129 people and injured more than 350. Following the Friday, November 13th horrifying deadly string of suicide bombings and shooting in Paris, an investigation that’s still on going and several … [Read More...]

Suzanne Newlander - Alan Arkin's Wife

Suzanne Newlander – Alan Arkin’s Wife

Meet Suzanne Newlander Suzanne Newlander  is the wife of Academy Award winning actor, Alan Arkin. It must have been one big scare for Suzanne to learn her hubby suffered a stroke earlier this week! Recent reports say the 81-year-old actor had a stroke, luckily, he has no major damage. According to TMZ, the legendary actor was diagnosed with … [Read More...]

Robert Lee Moore secret service agent

Rebecca Moore – Secret Service Agent Lee Robert Moore’s Wife

Rebecca Moore Rebecca Moore is the wife of 37-year-old Lee Robert Moore the disgraced Secret Service agent who was arrested for sending nude photos of himself to a 14-year-old girl while he was working in the White House. Lee Robert Moore aka Rob Moore turned himself in to the Maryland State Police on Monday. Rebecca P. Moore, the 31-year-old … [Read More...]