Denny Peterson: Stockton gym teacher

46-year-old gym teacher Denny Peterson, is facing a charge of corporal injury to a child! Peterson, who worked at Edison High School in Stockton, California, is seen in a video filmed by another student, dragging a teenage girl to the pool! The 14-year-old student refused to get in the pool because she didn’t want to mess up her … [Read More...]


Angela Leslie: Actress Accusing Bill Cosby of Abuse

Former model and actress Angela Leslie joins the growing-list of women who are coming forward to accuse comedian Bill Cosby! Angela told her story during an interview that was published today by the NY Daily News. Angela claims she and Cosby ended up at a luxury room in a Vegas hotel to discuss her acting but things quickly took a different … [Read More...]


Myron May: Florida State University Shooter

Florida State University library was attacked early Thursday morning during a shooting where three people were wounded! Only one of the three was listed in critical condition Thursday. The shooter has been identified by authorities as 31-year-old Myron May as the man who opened fired at the Strozier Library on the FSU campus early Thursday … [Read More...]


Max Nichols: Director Mike Nichols’ Son

  40-year-old actor Max Nichols is the son of Hollywood director Mike Nichols and Irish writer Annabel Davis-Goff. We are saddened to hear the news of his father’s sudden death at age 83 today. Max was born December 9, 1973. His mother became his father’s third wife in 1975 until their divorce in 1986. Max is the older brother of Jenny … [Read More...]


Daisy and Jenny Nichols: Director Mike Nichols’ Daughters

  Media reports have confirmed the sudden death of world famous Hollywood director Mike Nichols at age 83. An ABC spokesperson said he died of a cardiac arrest on Wednesday. We want to pay tribute to him by telling you about his loved ones. He is survived by fourth wife, Diane Sawyer and three children. German born film director and … [Read More...]


Chris Bedore: Orange is the New Black actress Taryn Manning’s Boyfriend

Chris Bedore’s girlfriend, actress Taryn Manning was arrested yesterday at 3 p.m. in Manhattan. His gal, was charged with criminal contempt in the second degree. According to TMZ, prior to Manning's arrest, she had been sending her accused stalker and former friend Jeanine Heller, allegedly threatening texts in violation of another restraining … [Read More...]


Joe Rhodes: TV Host Natalie Morales’ Husband

Meet investment banker Joe Rhodes, he is the husband of news anchor on NBC's Today, Natalie Morales. Rhodes and his wife have been married for a while, they have two children and reside in NY. Joseph’s wife has been all over media today as rumors of her getting fired swirl around! While the shocking news of Natalie and co-anchor Willie Geist … [Read More...]


Christina Geist: TV Host Willie Geist’s Wife

Meet Christina Elena Sharkey, she is the wife of TV host William “Willie” Geist. Her hubby is one of the biggest hosts of the Today show. She must have been baffled reading the news of her hubby being axed from the Today show this morning! Luckily, most recent updates say it was all a lie! According to NY Daily News, an NBC News official told them … [Read More...]

Amy strickland booker t washington high pic

Amy Strickland: Norfolk Assistant Principal and her Awful Racial Tweet!

Meet Amy Strickland, she is or was the assistant principal at Book T. Washington High School in Virginia, but retweeting a rude tweet  from Or Nahh Tweets has put in jeopardy her job. Students аt a Norfolk, Virginia, high school staged a walk-out Monday tо protest a racially charged Twitter post mocking interracial couples, whiсh hаѕ bееn ѕеnt … [Read More...]


Kevin Darden: Suspect in Subway Pushing Attack

Earlier this week we told you about the horrible death of 61-year-old married dad, Wai Kuen Kwok; who was heartlessly pushed in front of the subway in the NY. Police released footage of the suspect now identified as Kevin Darden. 34-year-old Darden was arrested yesterday near his mother’s home for the death of Kwok. He has been charged with … [Read More...]


Whitney Bischoff: Chicago Nurse/ The Bachelor contestant

Meet pretty blonde Whitney Bischoff, she is one of the Bachelor 2015 contestants! Whitney has been described in recent reports as one of the lucky ladies competing for the heart of Chris Soules. 29-year-old Whitney currently resides in Chicago, Ill, but she is originally from Kentucky. Let’s get to know her better! Whitney sure has a lot … [Read More...]


Tandra Steiner: Overstock Assistant and The Bachelor Contestant

Meet gorgeous Tandra Steiner, she is one of the Bachelor 2015 contestants! Tandra has been described in recent reports as one of the lucky ladies competing for the heart of Chris Soules. Tandra is definitely used to get peoples attention just by the way she looks, so her odds at a magical first impression are looking fantastic. The Blonde with … [Read More...]


Israeli-American Rabbi Moshe Twersky Victim at Jerusalem Synagogue Rampage

Rabbi Moshe Twersky was among the four victims during today’s bloody rampage at a Jerusalem synagogue. Twersky was one of three U.S.-Israeli citizens killed, other two have been identified as Arye Kupinsky and Kalmen Levin. The fourth Rabbi who was also brutally killed, was a British citizen. Like any other day, the rabbis and attendees were … [Read More...]


Lachele Covington: Bill Cosby’s Latest Abuse Accuser

Following the viral scandal of iconic comedian Bill Cosby’s sexual abuse allegations, meet the latest gal involved in such claims. 34-year-old Lachele Elizabeth Covington is really not a new face in the Cosby accusations, she was actually one of the first women to come forward, like the others (now the list goes up to 14 women accusing the … [Read More...]


Kara Falkenstein: Today Show Exec Jamie Horowitz’ Wife

What’s worse than losing your job? Losing your job and have the world find out! That’s exactly what happened to Kara Falkenstein’s hubby, Jamie Horowitz, who according to news outlets was kicked out of his new gig at the Today Show even before the start date! Kara’s hubby had been at the offices about 10 weeks, but NBC had announced in May that … [Read More...]


Cara Anaya: Woman who Suffers 90 Orgasms Per Hour

Can you imagine being diagnosed with a rare disorder that can make you experience 180 orgasm in just two hours? This is as real as it gets and is certainly no laughing matter! Meet 30-year-old Cara Anaya, the Arizona woman who has been living with something called Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder, which means she has to endure constant … [Read More...]


Maxime Hauchard: Frenchman Member of ISIS Beheading Video

Meet 22-year-old Maxime Hauchard, the French born identified as one of the members of ISIS. Maxime was identified out of the latest video of the terrorist group.  French officials identified the young executioner, according to the reports, he joined the ISIS last year. His name was officially announced today by Paris prosecutor. Maxime appeared … [Read More...]

Bono wife Ali Hewson

Alison Hewson: U2 Singer Bono’s Wife

53-year-old Alison Hwson iѕ аѕ wе аll knоwn thе loving wife оf U@'s frontman Bono, but ѕhе iѕ аlѕо knоwn аѕ thе Irish activist аnd businesswoman. Alison Hewson wаѕ born Alison Stewart оn March 23, 1961 in Killiney, Ireland and raised in Raheny, ѕhе mеt hеr future husband аt a young age аt Mount Temple Comprehensive School аnd married him in a … [Read More...]


Wai Kuen Kwok: Man Pushed in front of D Train

Tragedy in the subway, 61-year-old Wai Kuen Kwok has been identified as the man who lost his life by being shoved in front of a D train at 167th Street and the Grand Concourse at around 9 a.m. Sunday. Mr. Kwok was with his wife 59, at the time of his death, the commuter couple were just waiting to get to the subway, never thinking his life was … [Read More...]


Maria Jose Alvarado : Miss Honduras Bizarre Disappearance

Maria Jose Alvarado was crowned Miss Honduras this year, she was due to fly to London for Miss World 2014, but just days before Maria Jose and her sister Sofia vanished. Sadly on November 19, Maria Jose and her sister Sophia were  found dead. Two suspects were arrested were made Aris Valentin Maldonado and Plutarco Ruiz, who is Sophia's … [Read More...]


Caitlyn Ricci: Girl who Forced parents to pay for her Tuition

Another case of a daughter suing her parents! Meet 21-year-old Caitlyn Ricci, the young lady just succeeded in the lawsuit against her parents. In an interview her heartbroken parents, Michael 44, and Maura 42, who –are divorced –say  they haven't seen her daughter in months after she went away fro school. According to court papers, Caitlyn … [Read More...]


Adam Sigler: Actress Jamie Lynn Sigler’s brother

Sopranos actress Jamie Lynn Sigler and her family are mourning the death of her eldest brother Adam Sigler, who passed away Wednesday after suffering from a brain aneurysm. Adam is survived by his parents, siblings and fiancee real estate broker Danielle Piro. 41-year-old Adam Sigler, the older brother of actress Jamie Lyn Sigler  was born … [Read More...]