Doyle Bramhall  Renee Zellweger boyfriend pic

Doyle Bramhall II: Renee Zellweger’s boyfriend

Bridget Jones actress Renee Zellweger looks irreconcilable, a total different Renee, but we like it, so what if she has done a major face transformation, this one is a damn good one for a change. i think her talented boyfriend musician Doyle Bramhall II agrees with us!! Since we know all about the lovely Renee Zellweger, let;s find out more … [Read More...]


Moises de la Renta:Oscar de la Renta’s Son

The Fashion World has lost a Giant but his fashion legacy will live forever. Fashion icon, Dominican Oscar de la Renta died last night at his Connecticut home, after battling with cancer for almost a decade. Reports say the designer was surrounded by family when he passed, one of them being, his son, Moises de la Renta. We want to take this … [Read More...]


Annette de la Renta- Designer Oscar de la Renta’s wife

Oscar de la Renta, a fashion icon, a celebrity favorite, a kind soul and magnificent designer passed away at 82, His death was confirmed by his beloved wife Mrs. Annette dela Renta. Onе оf thе world's mоѕt legendary fashion designers, Oscar dе lа Renta, died Monday, reports ABC News аnd Women's Wear Daily. Hе wаѕ 82. Oscar dе lа Renta's health … [Read More...]


Marc Sueselbeck: Filipina Transgender Jennifer Laude’s Fiancee

Meet German born Marc Sueselbeck, he is the fiancée of of slain Filipina transgender woman Jeffrey "Jennifer" Laude. Marc’s 26-year-old girlfriend was killed at a lodge in Olongapo City last Saturday, October 11. Her body was found less than an hour after she checked into a room with a male foreigner. After hearing about Laude’s fatal faith, … [Read More...]


Darren Deon Vann: Indiana Serial Killer

Meet Darren Deon Vann, the 43-year-old man who’s been linked to at least 7 murders in Northwest Indiana. Police say the serial killer of Gary, IN confessed to multiple murders, volunteering information to police and even escorting them to the multiple crime scenes. A grand total of seven dead bodies have been found over the weekend at … [Read More...]


Erica Michelle Levy: Geraldo Rivera’s Wife

Erica Michelle Levy, the wife of talk show host, Geraldo Rivera was involved in a car crash on the West Side Highway, Sunday October 19th. Fortunately according to reports, no one was injured. Rivera however, didn’t loose time and took to his Twitter account to say his wife was not the one who caused the accident but a “guy from out of state … [Read More...]


Diane Plese: Shark Tank Robert Herjavec’s Wife

Meet lovely Diane Plese, the wife of business leader, best selling author, hit TV personality, race car driver, Robert Herjavec. You might know her 51-year-old hubby better, as he demonstrates his entrepreneurial expertise through his leading role on the Emmy nominated, hit American TV show, Shark Tank. Her hubby has built and sold many … [Read More...]


Linda O’Leary: Shark Tank Kevin O’Leary’s Wife

Meet Linda O'Leary, the lovely wife of Canadian financial guru Kevin O'Leary. Her hubby, as well as the rest of the members of the Shark Tank is extremely successful on what he does. He’s been affiliated as the Chairman of O'Leary Funds, Investor on CBC's Dragons' Den and ABC's Shark Tank, Co-Host of CBC's Lang & O'Leary Exchange, bestselling … [Read More...]


Aileen Maria Ugalde: Florida Congressman Joe Garcia’s Ex-wife

Meet pretty Aileen Maria Ugalde, she was married to lawyer, José Antonio “Joe” García, Jr. the U.S Representative for Florida’s 26th congressional district. Aileen and her husband tied the knot in 1992; unfortunately they called it quits 20 years later and got a divorce in 2012. The couple had actually lots in common, both children of Cuban … [Read More...]


Ashley Biden: US Vice President Joe Biden’s Daughter

Ashley Biden is the youngest child and only daughter of Vice President Joe Biden. There was a time when she was much of an embarrassment for her father but now that seat goes to her half brother Hunter! Right after the massive tragedy of loosing his first wife and three month old daughter Naomi, Biden though about leaving his bright career as … [Read More...]


Catherine Harding- Jude Law’s Ex-Girlfriend/ Baby Mama

Meet Catherine Harding, we used to know her as Jude Law’s girlfriend not long ago, and now she will be known as Jude Law’s baby-mama because she is pregnant with the actor’s fifth child. “I can confirm that Jude Law and Catherine Harding are expecting a child together in the spring. Whilst they are no longer in a relationship, they are both … [Read More...]

Hunter biden wife Kathleen biden

Kathleen Biden: Hunter Biden’s Wife

Hunter Biden the so f U.S Vice President Joe Biden was discharged from the Navy reserve after he tested positive for cocaine. Hunter Biden is married to Kathleen Biden with whom he has three children. Vice President Biden's youngest ѕоn wаѕ discharged frоm thе Navy Reserve thiѕ year аftеr testing positive fоr cocaine, ассоrding tо a report … [Read More...]


Ann Scott: Florida Governor Rick Scott’s Wife

Ann Scott is the wife of politician Richard Lynn “Rick” Scott. Her husband has been the Governor of Florida for the past three years. Her 61-year-old hubby was accused of refusing to take the debate stage on Wednesday night but it was all soon cleared up. A CNN reports says Florida Gov. Rick Scott refused to go onstage for the first seven minutes … [Read More...]


Briana Aguirre: Texas Presbyterian Hospital nurse

With more Ebola cases being diagnosed within the U.S. the spotlight goes on to nurse Briana Aguirre who told during a televised interview she can no longer defend “her hospital” in its response to the first patient to be diagnosed with Ebola in the U.S. Briana Aguirre's told Matt Lauer from the Today Show in an exclusive interview: “I watched … [Read More...]


Mikey Schultz: Self-Confessed Killer

Self-confessed killer and former super middleweight boxer Mikey Schultz has found himself in the spotlight once again! The 39-year-old Self-Confessed hitman–for the killing of Brett Kebble –has been accused of stirring up drama in the North Gauteng High Court a.k.a Oscar Pistorius court. Michael “Mikey” Schultz is a well-known figure in bouncer … [Read More...]


Brian Benden: Revenge Actress Madeleine Stowe’s Husband

Madeleine Stowe known for playing Victoria Grayson on Revenge is happily married to actor Brian Benden, who is also the father of their adorable daughter May. Madeleine Stowe recently opened up about her late father’s battle with multiple sclerosis. "I didn't want to make anyone uncomfortable," she told the Daily News. "It was very, very dark … [Read More...]

Amber vinson

Amber Vinson: Second Texas Nurse Infected with Ebola

Yesterday we hear Texas Presbyterian nurse Nina Pham had contracted Ebola after caring for Thomas Eric Duncan and today we heard a second nurse became ill after having contact with Mr. Duncan, this second nurse has been identified as Amber Vinson.   Thе ѕесоnd nurse tо contract Ebola аt Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital will bе … [Read More...]


Sofia Richie: Lionel Richie’s Daughter and Khloe Kardashian’s Sister???

Could Sofia Richie and Khloe Kardashian come from the same spawn? Khole has been fighting rumors about her real father since forever and recent repost are beginning to surface once again. This time reports target the stunning resemblance she has with Lionel Richie’s younger daughter, Sofia Richie. An online reports in Starcasm claims the former … [Read More...]


Kim Martin: Reeva Steenkamp’s Cousin

Meet Kim Martin, she is the first cousin of the late South African model Reeva Steenkamp. As we all know, Pistorius was found guilty of the culpable homicide of Ms. Steenkamp last month, but was cleared of murder to the shock and disgust of many. It is day 3 of sentencing hearing and Kim Martin was up to talk in court next. Pistorius faces up to … [Read More...]


Cecilia Curbelo: Miami congressional candidate Carlos Curbelo’s Wife

  Meet Cecilia Curbelo, the wife of Republican candidate for the United States House of Representatives in the 2014 elections, Carlos Curbelo. Her hubby who is running for the 26th congressional district, which spans Westchester to Key West, triumphed in the Republican primary, over Ed MacDougall, Joe Martinez, Lorenzo Palomares … [Read More...]