Tracy Darakis: Elementary School Teacher/ The Bachelor Contestant

Meet pretty Tracy Darakis, she is one of the Bachelor 2015 contestants! Tracy will put her heart on the line for a chance at true love with bachelor Chris Soules, a.k.a Prince Farming. Don’t they look like a match made in heaven! Tracy is a 29-year-old 4th grade teacher at Royal Palm Beach Elementary School. At Royal Elementary parents can … [Read More...]


Bill Boulware: Crisis Management Expert Judy Smith’s Husband

65-year-old TV writer & producer William “Bill” Haston Boulware is the husband of Crisis Management guru Judy Smith. His wife’s work  is widely known as the inspiration for the hit TV show “Scandal.” Reports say his wife is super busy as she is trying to fix the mess regarding the Sony leaked emails. TMZ says she is currently talking to … [Read More...]


Gabe Polsky: Jennifer Lawrence’s Director Boyfriend

Rumors of actress Jennifer Lawrence and director Gabe Polsky getting loved up are swirling around! Jen-Law was spotted earlier this week at his house! Now, before you think they were perhaps reading scripts, reports say they spent more than 5-hours in his house in Beverly Hills. Do we have a couple alert here? 35-year-old Gabriel Joseph … [Read More...]


Andrea Catsimatidis: Nixon’s Grandson Christopher Cox’s Wife

24-year-old New York heiress Andrea Catsimatidis has filed for an uncontested divorce from her husband of three-years, –lawyer and the 37th US former president’s Richard Nixon’s grandson –Christopher Nixon cox. They met in 2008 while he was participating in a mock presidential debate, representing John McCain, at Hewitt, her all-girls high … [Read More...]


Jordan James Parke: Kim Kardashian Super Fan Spend $150K To Look Like Her

Meet Professional Makeup Artist Jordan James Parke, the British man who allegedly spent $150,000 to look like reality TV star Kim Kardashian! Now, we know some people will go very far to look like their favorite celebs and James is a perfect example! In fact, the 23-year-old takes the price as the first dude to conduct such a transformation! And … [Read More...]


Maria Alejandra Lafuente Casco : Mexican Psychologist Killed and Chopped Husband

Meet the Mexican psychologist who brutally killed her husband and almost got away with it! 40-year-old Maria Alejandra lafuente Casco is accused of using a chainsaw to dismember her husband! Now that she is facing life in prison she says she did it because her husband, 41-year-old Allan Carrera Cuellar, allegedly beat her repeatedly. Didn’t she … [Read More...]


Judith “Judy” Gross: Alan Gross’ Wife

Meet Judith Gross aka Judy Gross, she is the wife of Alan Gross the U.S. international development professional who was imprisoned in Cuba since 2009.  He was arrested for his work on behalf of the U.S. Agency for International Development to increase Internet access and connectivity in small communities across Cuba. He was released on Dec. 17 … [Read More...]


Annette Roque: Matt Lauer’s Model Wife

48-year-old Dutch and Indonesian former model Annette Roque has been the wife of Today Show anchor Matt Lauer, since 1998 but this could soon change! According to reports from Radar Online, Lauer recently walked out on his wife and their three children — after rumors he was having an affair. She was active as a model from the late 1980s … [Read More...]


Jean Currivan Trebek: Jeopardy host Alex Trebek’s wife

50-year-old Jean Currivan is the wife of long time Jeopardy host, Alex Trebek, her hubby has been making headlines after an e-mail leak suggests he came close to quitting the game show after 30-years! Apparently the 74-year-old TV host got so upset he threatened the producers with leaving, luckily for him, wife Jean has been Mrs. Trebek for a … [Read More...]


Thomas Zinn: hero of Sydney hostage crisis Tori Johnson’s boyfriend

Meet Thomas Zinn, the boyfriend of Tori Johnson, the manager of the café at the centre of the Sydney siege, who died after attempting to wrestle a shotgun from the hostage-taker’s hands. It is thanks to his boyfriend that the 17-hour siege held by Man Haron Monis could be brought to an end, tragically he lost his life before he could see his … [Read More...]


Amirah Droudis: Siege gunman Man Haron Monis’ Wife

  35-year-old Amirah Droudis is the wife of Sydney cafe siege gunman, Man Haron Monis. She is described as his colleague and are both known for protesting the presence of Australian troops in Afghanistan, Monis’ home country. In an earlier post we told you about Man Haron’s latest crime to get attention in his fight to remove Aussie … [Read More...]


Top 10 facts about US surgeon general Dr. Vivek Murthy

Did you heard, The Senate voted last night 51-43 to confirm Dr. Vivek Murthy as America’s top doctor after the position was vacant for over a year! want to find out more about him? Read below the top-ten facts you need to know about Dr. Murthy! #1. Kids will read about him. Murthy has made history today as the youngest appointed US Surgeon … [Read More...]


Carolyn Lawson: The Voice Finalist Damien Lawson’s Mother

54-year-old Carolyn Lawson is one proud momma! Her 36-year-old son Damien Lawson is currently one of the finalists on the 7th season of The Voice, and fans sure love him! Before her son became one of the top contenders on Team Adam, he used to spend his days at the Los Angeles airport working for the TSA. But also he was a struggling musician … [Read More...]


Katrina Dawson and Tori Johnson: Hostages Killed at Sydney Cafe

Katrina Dawson, a loving mother has been identified as one of the two people killed inside the Sydney Café where Man Haron Monis held over 15 hostages. The other victim was Tori Johnson, who was the manager at Lindt Chocolat Café in Sydney. 38-year-old Katrina Dawson wаѕ a high-flying Sydney barrister аnd mum оf thrее wаѕ a respected barrister … [Read More...]


Monika Miczura: Hungarian singer suing Beyonce and Jay Z!

42-year-old Hungarian artist, Monika Juhasz Miczura, better known as a former member of the highly acclaimed group Ando Drom, and a founding member of the electronic/world music group Mitsoura is outraged and currently suing power couple Beyonce and Jay Z! You’ve probably heard Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love,” well it turns out the exotic intro comes … [Read More...]


Bradley William Stone: Montgomery County Killer

35-year-old Bradley William Stone, is wanted by police for allegedly killing six family members. He's believed to be armed and dangerous, authorities said. He’s been described as a white man standing 5-feet-10-inches tall, about 200 pounds, with closely cropped hair and a red beard. He's known to use a cane or walker to get around. According … [Read More...]


Michael Heier McGuire: Celebrity Trainer Astrid McGuire’s Husband

Meet 39-year-old Michael Heier McGuire, the soon to be ex- husband of celebrity trainer, master bootcamp instructor and model, Astrid McGuire.. According to TMZ the famed trainer is calling it quits on her marriage. Astrid filed papers in L.A. last month and it looks like there is no turning back. The report says it should a no fuss … [Read More...]

Man Haron Monis Sydney Hostages

Mаn Haron Monis: Gunman in Sydney Cafe

Mаn Haron Monis hаѕ bееn named аѕ thе gunman holding uр tо 15 people hostage  аt thе Lindt Chocolate Cafe in Sydney. Thе 49-year-old mаn lives in southwest Sydney, but iѕ originally frоm Iran аnd a self-proclaimed sheik. Haron wаѕ born Manteghi Bourjerdi in Iran where, аѕ аn ayatollah[citation needed], hiѕ liberal interpretation оf Islam led tо … [Read More...]


Mieka Tennant: Power Rangers Actor Brandon Jay McLaren’s Wife

Meet Mieka Tennant, she is a beautiful and talented hard working woman, she  also happens to be the estranged wife of actor Brandon Jay McLaren who played Jack Landors, the Red SPD Power Ranger, on Power Rangers S.P.D. Canadian actor Brandon Jay McLaren tasted glory during his days as the red Power Ranger, although that happened long time ago … [Read More...]


Elli Atchison: Former SeaWorld CEO Jim Atchison’s Wife

42-year-old Elli Renee Valley Atchinson is the wife of Jim Atchinson, SeaWorld’s former CEO. Her hubby who served in that role since 2009, will step down next month. Her hubby could not get pass the bad results and worse press of several years and the theme park is making a change at the top. Reports say the anti-SeaWorld documentary … [Read More...]