Levette Crespo: Bell Gardens Mayor Daniel Crespo’s Wife

The community of Bell Gardens –known for its high concentration of Hispanics –is in shock after a beloved and important figure was killed yesterday! A domestic dispute took the life of Daniel Crespo, mayor of Bell Gardens. Crespo 46, was shot and killed Tuesday, allegedly during a domestic dispute. According to the Los Angeles Times and NBCLA, … [Read More...]


Barbara Henning: ISIS Hostage Alan Henning’s Wife

The wife of Briton Alan Henning who is threatened with execution next by militants from Islamic State in Iraq and Al-Sham; addressed the media in an attempt to reach her husband’s captors and plead them to spare his life. Barbara Henning is the distraught wife of Alan Henning, she had made previous statements calling for her husband's release, … [Read More...]


Arron Lewis: realtor Beverly Carter’s Murder Suspect

We are sorry to hear the body of missing Arkansas realtor Beverly Carter was found on Tuesday morning, buried in a shallow grave at a concrete company in the town of Cabot. ArkansasOnline reports. 33-year-old Arron Lewis who was arrested Monday, a day before she was found and officers from the Pulaski County Sheriff's interviewed him for 12 … [Read More...]


Who is Director of the Secret Service Julia Pierson’s Husband?

Julia Pierson, 55, the former chief of staff of the Secret Service, was named as the new director of the organization last year. She made history as the first woman to serve as the Secret Service Director; and even thought she has an outstanding resume, many assignments carried impeccably and many who back her up, one single mistake can be all that … [Read More...]


Corey Lamar – Rapper Rich Homie Quan’s dad

Meet Corey Lamar, the father of 25-year-old rapper from Atlanta Dequantes Lamar better known by his stage name Rich Homie Quan. Mr. Lamar and his son are very close, they are not only father and son but also manager and artist. Quan is Corey’s oldest son. Earlier this year he became a grandfather to Quan’s first born. Quan’s long time … [Read More...]


Evan Gottlieb: Liz Cho’s husband

Meet Evan Gottlieb, until this day he still is the husband and father of the child of WABC reporter Liz Cho, they have been estranged since 2012 when we first hears Liz was dating Josh Elliot and now Elliot and Cho are engaged, but she still is married to Gottlieb, so  how is that going to work out?? Back in 2012  it was reported Josh Elliot was … [Read More...]


Melanie Solis : Face Transplant victim Richard Norris’ Girlfriend

Meet Melanie Solis, the girlfriend of Richard Norris, a man you might remember better after suffering a terrible accident that blew up half of his face in 1997. We are used to read about Norris and his health updates or like the GQ story which talked about his reconstructive surgery in 2012 but now we want to tell you about what appears to be … [Read More...]


Colin Sutherland: Amanda Knox’ new rocker Boyfriend

27-year-old Amanda Knox seems to have moved on to another guy. We last heard of her dating guitarist boyfriend James Terrano. Knox and Terrano were last pictured together in July but pictures of her and a new man in her life have surfaced. One thing both men have in common: both into the music scene. Amanda’s new man has been identifies as … [Read More...]


Erika Jackson- AI Judge Randy Jackson’s Wife

Divorce Alert! After 18-years of marriage former American Idol judge Randy Jackson and wife Erika have decided to call it quits! TMZ reported Friday, Sept. 26, that Erika filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences! Erika became Randy’s second wife in 1995. She was born Erika Riker and is the mom of the couple’s two children, … [Read More...]


Sophie Gradon: Former Miss Great Britain posts sexy ad for Roommate

Meet the utterly sexy Sophie Gradon, she used to date Dany Capriati and was once crowned Miss Great Britain, and today Ms. Grandon is looking for a new roommate, if you are interested Sophie said she likes to walk around semi-naked. 28-year-old Sophie Fradon from Newcastle, said she found Danny Capriati a bit too boring for her taste, so she … [Read More...]


Colleen Hufford and Traci Johnson: Beheading victims in Vaughan Foods worker Alton Nolen

Oklahoma residents are in shock after hearing of a horrific crime scene! A 30-year-old food distribution plant worker in Moore, OK,; is being accused of attacking two women co-workers, killing one before he was shot by the company’s COO at the plant on September 25. 54-year-old Colleen S. Hufford, who lived in Moore was allegedly killed by Alton … [Read More...]


Rachel Noerdlinger: Major DiBlasio’s Top Aide

43-year-old Rachel Noerdlinger who serves as chief of staff to first lady Chirlane McCray and is of much support for the de Blasios in general is making major headlines! Rachel rose to become a very influential figure in City Hall, she has a unique skill set that’s rarely seen in the political world. Noerdlinger doesn’t know much about her birth … [Read More...]


Scott Wallace: Former ANT model Amanda Swafford’s Boyfriend

Meet Scott Wallace, the boyfriend of model turned stylist Amanda Swafford remember her? You will in a sec! According to a report from TMZ the former "America's Next Top Model" finalist has a gaping hole in her grill ... and has been reduced to begging the public for help. The reports claims the blonde had a disastrous run-in with a Bojangles … [Read More...]


Suzie Slattery- CBS Veteran reporter John Slattery’s Wife

Suzie Slattery is the wife of Veteran CBS 2 Reporter John Slattery, who sadly died today of a heart attack reports say. Her husband was 63-years-old and CBS station said he died of a heart attack. John’s wife Suzie was by his side. Her beloved husband possessed an amazing career, he was an Emmy-award winning reporter,  who covered stories for … [Read More...]


Julius Tennon: Actress Viola Davis’ Husband

How To Get Away with Murder actress and Academy Winner Viola Davis is one amazing woman, but she is also  the caring mother of three lovely children and the loving wife of actor Julius Tennon. Viola Davis, 49, wоn a Tony аnd a Drama Desk Award fоr hеr role in August Wilson's King Hedley II (2001). Shе wоn a ѕесоnd Drama Desk Award fоr Intimate … [Read More...]


Gelila Bekele: Tyler Perry’s Sexy Girlfriend

Gorgeous model humanitarian and social activist Gelila Bekele, also known for being the girlfriend of Tyler Perry is expecting the couple’s first child! A source confirmed to ET that the media mogul, 45, is expecting his first child with Bekele. Sources also say she is far along into the pregnancy and although she hasn’t given any sings of being … [Read More...]


Major Mariam Al Mansouri: First Female Air Force Pilot

It’s been proven through out  history women can really do it all; a great example of that is Mariam Al Mansouri who has been reported as the United Arab Emirate's first female air force pilot. How’s that for women's revolution! Media reports say the 35-year-old led the airstrikes against the Islamic State (also called ISIS or ISIL) targets earlier … [Read More...]


Jana Levasseur: Big Brother winner Derrick Levasseur’s Wife

Meet the lovely Jana Levasseur and  this pretty gal is the wife of Derrick Levasseur Big Brother’s new winner. Big Brother' winner Derrick Levasseur, 30, wаѕ born February 3, 1984, whеn wе mеt thiѕ fella, wе found оut thаt hе wаѕ a cop frоm Providence, Rhode Island. He wеnt tо a junior college (Mitchell College) fоr twо years оn a baseball … [Read More...]


Jeff Konigsberg: GMA Joan Lunden’s Husband

Joan Lunden has open up about living with cancer and losing her hair, what keeps her strong is her family, her children and beloved husband Jeff Konigsberg. 64-year-old Joan Lunden graces the cover of People Magazine, she looks different, but beautiful. Lunden announced hеr breast cancer diagnosis back in June. “I hаvе thе mоrе aggressive … [Read More...]


Kathryn Knott: Philly Gay Bashing Suspect

24-year-old Kathryn Knott is one of the individuals accused of attacking a gay couple in City Center, Philadelphia on September 11. Philadelphia police announced that arrest warrants had been issued for Philip Williams, 24, Kevin Harrigan, 26 and Knott. The pretty blonde Kathryn Knott is actually –to the shock of everybody –the daughter of a … [Read More...]