Corina Escamilla Figueroa – Bright Eyes Singer Conor Oberst’s Wife


On a shocking turn of events, it appears 34-year-old singer Conor Oberst is off the hook! He had been accused by Joanie Faircloth of rape but recent reports say she lied the whole time!

TMZ reveals, Faircloth — who claimed Conor came onto her backstage after a 2003 concert and forced himself on her after she said she was a virgin — now apologizes to Conor, his family and his fans.  She also acknowledges her conduct could undermine legitimate sexual assault claims.

But some damage has already been done. It’s been three years since Oberst last put out a recording (2011’s mystic fable The People’s Key with Bright Eyes) and he says his new material is also doomed due to the bad publicity he has gotten.

He might have lost some major cash and ouch! for that, but he at least his relationship with wife seems to have pass the test with flying colors.


Meet Corina Escamilla Figueroa; yes, as you might assume she is a Latina gal. The couple met in Mexico while recording 2008’s self-titled album, and married in 2010.  Corina never doubt her hubby’s innocence and now that Faircloth admitted she lied, Corina –who is also a musician –will probably be more relaxed.


Her hubby’s Oberst, first releasing solo cassette tapes in the early 90s with help from his older brothers and their friends. Those early tapes and the label that released them became the foundation for Saddle Creek Records in Oberst’s hometown of Omaha, Nebraska. From there he started recording under the moniker Bright Eyes—bringing raw, rambling, poetic tunes to adolescent ears across America.


Critics have noticed Oberst’s head is a bit less cluttered and more straightforward than the last time around. And many attribute his optimism to his marriage.

Musician and engineer Corina, attended Universidad Iberoamericana located in Mexico, she graduated in the class of 2008 in Chemical Engineering. In 2010 she graduated SAE Institute of Technology NY from the class of Audio Engineering.

Dont miss below her hubby singing “Corina, Corina”

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