Domingo Zapata – Lindsay Lohan’s New married/father Boyfriend


Calling all Lindsay Lohan’s fans! We know now a days talking about the 27-year-old might not get two thumbs up, some believe she is on her way to fully recover but others don’t buy it at all.

In fact the troubled actress in an attempt to cleaned up her roughed-up image has starred her reality TV show, “Lindsay,” the OWN cable channel series, where bombshells about her private life keep coming!

Not only has she caused major head turns as we’ve all heard on recent installment of her reality that she suffered a recent miscarriage; but now Mail Online reports she is actually dating a married man!


During the interview that took place during the first night of Coachella, she was point out to be high on party drug Ecstasy and she said of her alleged rich lover

‘Oh this guy I’m seeing sent me a jet because he wants to see me…but he’s married with kids.’



The actress who is still fresh out of rehab –for the sixth time last year –insisted to KODE Magazine that she has only had one glass of wine since leaving her sixth treatment.


About the miscarriage Lohan said, it was the reason she was unable to appear on the program at one point. She said she was sick and unable to move.

“No one knows this — I had a miscarriage for those weeks that I took off,”

We cant forget about a leaked “lovers list,” published by In Touch, which claimed the list featured the famous faces Lohan had bedded. During an appearance on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” she said,

“I’m going to get serious for a second …that was actually my fifth step in AA in Betty Ford and someone, when I was moving during the OWN show, must have taken a photo of it so that’s a really personal thing and it’s really unfortunate.”


She might have completed all of the steps in all of her rehab stints and what’s changed? Well, now she is not after big Hollywood names but after married/fathers? Who could it be? Do you think is someone we from the industry? Do you have any guesses?

She has been linked to over 30 men/women, including actors and singer, married and single, so is it really a shock that she has find her way into a married dad? Would she make a good stepmom?



According to gossip-site Radar Online, the married dude Miss Lohan is dating is none else than contemporary Spanish-American artist, Domingo Zapata!

Reports, say Zapata actually separated from his wife Stacy Belyea in 2007, he is a father of two. Althoug sources claimed he is totally head over heals for the 27-year-old actress, reps say he has been a good friend for years and a shoulder to cry on. That might be all good and dandy but friendship is just one-step behind to something else!

Here is some info about Zapata, we thought you might find interesting. According to his web page, he was born in Palma de Mallorca, Spain December 22, 1974. Currently, Zapata maintains studios in his Gramercy Park townhouse in New York City, the Design District in Miami, and the Palazzo da Mula in Venice.

The 39-year-old produces figurative and abstract expressionist paintings. His captivating style has attracted many of the world’s most prestigious collectors, from George Soros to Johnny Depp and royal families of Europe. He was named an “artist to watch,” in 2011 by the prestigious Whitewall Magazine.

So, what do you think of Lidsay’s man?

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