Tonette Walker – Gov, Scott Walker’s Wife




Tonette Walker is the wife of 21-years of Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker. Tonette who was born Tonette Marie Tarantino tied the knot to Mr. Walker in 1993. Her hubby is the the first and only governor in the U.S. to date to win a gubernatorial recall election back in 2012 when he defeated  Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, for the second time.

That was before according to recent reports, prosecutors claim her husband was at the center of a plan to illegally coordinate fundraising with an array of outside conservative groups to help him and several Republican senators survive the 2012 recall election!


 Born in 1955, she spent more than 20 years employed in the insurance industry before working for the American Diabetes Association.

The Milwaukee native currently works as a development director for the American Lung Association.

Her father was a businessman who owned several hair salons. Her mother taught her to get a good job and stay in it for life. Five years after her first husband died from kidney disease, Walker, then 35, met the future governor, 11 years her junior.

Politics never was an interest for her. It is one of life’s little oddities that it has played such a large role in her life, and in her marriage to Scott Walker.

The couple married in 1993, just a few months before voters elected Scott Walker to the state Assembly. He served nine years at the Capitol before Milwaukee County voters named him county executive in 2002.

Tonette also works regularly with Teen Challenge of Wisconsin, a faith-based organization dedicated to the healing and rehabilitation of teens and young adults with substance abuse addictions.

As first lady, Tonette most enjoys using her role to improve the lives of the people of Wisconsin. She is currently looking into foster care as being one of her primary initiatives. She hopes to work in partnership with various foundations and non-profit organizations, to better recognize, understand, and address the needs of parents and children involved in the foster care system.




Additionally, as first lady, Tonette invites the people of Wisconsin to “Walk with Walker,” as she visits some of Wisconsin’s most picturesque trails, parks, and landscapes in an effort to showcase some of the beautiful but lesser known sites across the state, while also promoting health and fitness.


The First Lady also presents a Wisconsin Heroes Award each month. The award goes to a resident who voluntarily devotes his or her time and energy to a non-profit organization or cause.

Aside of her laborious and public glamorous life, she is also a mother of two. She and her hubby are parents to two teenage boys, first born Matt and second, Alex who attend college in Wauwatosa.

According to her Facebook account Ms. Walker is not making much of her hubby’s criminal scheme and had a busy morning as she took part in the Born Learning Trail dedication, which supports early learning.


You can find Tonette on Twitter here and on Facebook here.