Tanner Slaught – Beverly Hills Nannies star Ariane Bellamar’s New Boyfriend



We previously told you about Ariane “Ari” Bellamar from the ABC show Beverly Hills Nannies and her scandalous domestic abuse terror when her then-boyfriend Patrick Henry allegedly went on a rampage during the Sundance Film Festival.


But the sun seems to be shining on her good side again as she reveals her new beau!

She tells RadarOnline

“He’s so sweet and innocent,”  “I think that those qualities are kind of what led me to trust him.”

She is talking about hunky boyfriend Tanner Slaught. The lovebirds have been dating only for a couple of months so the couple seems to be enjoying those first honeymoon-like moments.  Want to know more about him? Sure!


Women want nothing more than that prince-charming to come to the rescue and Tanner has been exactly that for the blonde Canadian mom and former model. She admits that she struggled with trust issues before entering the relationship following the Sundance incident, but says about Tanner


“He’s been here picking up the pieces and trying to put them back together and to be a support for me.”

Tanner hails from Santa Barbara, he is the son of Ken and Elizabeth, one of five children, siblings are Crosby, James, Carly and Casey. His brother Crosby is a former Santa Barbara High athlete, he was named the Channel League’s Most Valuable Player as a senior, as well as Santa Barbara County’s Player of the Year in 2007.


28-year-old Tanner attended Santa Barbara Senior High First Graduating Class, Multi-Media Arts & Design Academy then in 2004 he attended University of Colorado Boulder for his Business Administration, Human Resources degree.

According to his LinkedIn profile he works in real state. He is a leasing agent and self-storage facilities manager for Investec Real Estate.

Tanner is also in the production business, on his Facebook profile you can find his business called “OnSlaught Productions” which by definition is “Santa Barbara’s leading producer of Electronic Music club shows”


The couple seems very happy so we are happy for them! What do you think?

Find Tanner on Facebook here and on Twitter here.