Top 10 Facts about Gwyneth Paltrow’s New Boyfriend Brad Falchuk

Brad Falchuk Gwyneth Paltrow

You probably heard Gwyneth Platrow and American Horror Story producer Brad Falchuk are openly dating but behind closed doors, so we came up with a top 10 facts about Brad Falchuk that you all should know about.

#1 He is 43 years old born in Massachusetts.

Brad Falchuk pic

Brad Falchuk

#2 Graduated from Beaver Country Day School & the American Film School.

Brad Falchuk Beaver Country Day SchoolBrad Falchuk American Film School.


#3 His brother is Evan Falchuk,  United Independent Party’s Founder.

Evan Falchuk Brad Falchuk brotherEvan Falchuk Brad Falchuk brother pic

#4 His mom is Nancy Falchuk,  American Jewish women’s organization Hadassah’s president, his dad is Dr. Kenneth H. Falchuk.

Nancy Falchuk Brad Falchuk mother ic

#5 In 2003 created Nip/ Tuck with Ryan Murphy.

Brad Falchuk Nip TuckBrad Falchuk Ryan Murphy

#6 Brad Falchuk and Murphy created Glee.

Brad Falchuk Glee pic

Brad Falchuk Glee


#7 In 2011 again with Murphy, Falchuk created American Horror Story.

Brad Falchuk American Horror story picBrad Falchuk American Horror story

#8 He was once married to Suzanne Falchuk (from 1994 to 201) with whom he has two children Isabella and Brody Falchuk

Brad Falchuk Suzanne FalchukSuzanne Falchuk

#9 Allegedly Brad and Gwyneth enjoyed a romantic weekend at the $8,000 a night Amangiri resort in Canyon Point in July.


#10 Gwyneth was labeled a homewrecker.

Gwyneth-Paltrow-and-Brad-Falchuk picGwyneth paltrow Glee


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