Kristina Schulman Dental Hygienist on The Bachelor 21

Kristina Schulman

Kristina Schulman is one of the gorgeous women after the heart of Bachelor, Nick Viall. The 24-year-old brunette is absolutely stunning and surely will be one of the leading ladies in the house.

Aside from her good looks and killer smile Kristina Schulman has a lot more to offer. The Lexington, KY native is a dental hygienist.

According to her ABC bio she is 5’2″ and has no tattoos. Kristina seems definitely like a good girl but good girls also go through their trials in life.

When asked who she admires, she revealed her parents and the reason will absolutely blow your mind. Kristina said her parents open their heart and home to four orphans, giving them ‘a life otherwise unobtainable.’

The interview reveals that she is one of the four children adopted by her parents. She was actually born in Russia according to her social media.

The subject of her biological mother seems to be a delicate one. At one point she says she would like to know what her birth mom was going through and if choosing alcohol over kids was worth it. Ouch!


Though Kristina could rock any designer, she sounds like a low maintenance kind of girl, saying that if she can’t find an outfit, she ends up whipping her own! That might be a big asset for Nick.

The word is Kristina may appear shy at first but from her social media snaps we can tell she definitely enjoys time with friends, and she has tons of them.


She is also an animal lover and just in case you wondered who her favorite actor/actress is, she said  Meryl Streep because she can adapt to any character assigned and do a wonderful job fulfilling that role; and isn’t she so right!

Even if Kristina doesn’t end up having her happy ending romance with Nick Viall, her face definitely belongs on TV. Are you thinking TV host?

You can find Kristina Schulman on Twitter here, Instagram here.