Amber Allan The Bachelor Nick Viall’s ex- Girlfriend

Amber Allan

Amber Allan has been revealed to be, Bachelor Nick Viall’s ex-girlfriend! Do not panic though, Amber is perfectly harmless and will definitely not ruin your favorite contestant from having her happy ending with Nick.

Though Amber Allan made her reality TV debut by ‘accidently’ running into her old flame while he was on a date with contestant, Danielle Lombard, she is not the one to start any drama. In fact, some sites say her participation in the show was staged by producers.

Nick was on his first solo date with Danielle when the awkward encounter takes place. The three of them chit chatted, nothing major happened, and that was that the end of it.

However we do know you are dying to know her story with Nick. What happened? How long were they a thing?

Alright so we don’t’ have all the answers, but we can tell you Amber will definitely not interfere with Nick’s love quest because she is a happily married woman.


Amber Allan also known was Amber Arce, studied English Education and holds a degree from University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee. The Muskego, Wisconsin resident currently works at Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare.   She’s been a patient rep, Revenue Cycle Educator and is currently listed as Vendor Management Liaison. Check out her LinkedIn here.

She and Nick must have dated ages ago. According to her social media she got engaged in 2008, meaning by this time, she had already met and fallen crazy in love with her husband.

Her hubby’s name is Adam and the pair tied the knot in 2010.


Amber Allan is not only a married woman, she is the mother of two adorable sons: Lou and Sam.

The family of four are also the owner of a dog named, Montes.

Alright so, Amber missed her chance to be with Nick but let’s be real, her hubby has nothing to envy our bachelor.
You can check her out on Facebook here.