Chloe Lattanzi- Olivia Newton- John’s Daughter


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Now, that’s a beautiful mother-daughter portrait! But for Olivia Newton-John and daughter Chloe Lattanzi things hasn’t been always portrait perfect.

She was born Chloe Rose Lattanzi on January 17, 1986 in La La Land to famous parents; singer mother Olivia and actor daddy Matt Lattanzi. Born with talent in her blood little Chloe started her career as an actress, making her acting debut at age 7 in a cameo on the Australian soap Paradise Beach in 1993. She moved on to a bigger roles in the 1994 television movie A Christmas Romance, Bette Midler’s 2001 sitcom and in Showtime’s production The Wilde Girls. Chloe appeared on the MTV reality show Rock the Cradle in 2009, finishing in third place. In October 2010, Chloe’s highly anticipated debut single, entitled Wings And A Gun was released digitally in Japan.

Growing up her life was not very easy, she stated during interviews she never wanted to be famous and craved for privacy as a child

“I felt I had no privacy. I wanted to be a normal young kid and fame was not something I asked for – I was born into it”

She also struggled with anorexia throughout her teens after her parents split up in 1995. Is not a shock when girl who battle with image issues and media pressure then turn to alcohol and drugs.

Chloe Lattanzi Taking Cigarette

But she did shock her famous mother when she went missing in late 2009 after a night of of partying and drinking with friends, the young pop singer was nowhere to be found. Miami Police conducted a search and Olivia drove to the city to help her daughter’s friend figure out what happened, after nearly 12 hours she called a friend saying she had woke up in a strange apartment, disoriented.


Chloe has also been a little obsessed with plastic surgery you can see here her before and after pictures

Chloe Lattanzi plastic surgery

The now 27-year-old was close to get hitched to her fiancée James Driskill but after she found out he was still married the engagement was called postponed.

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In 2011 she made headlines again but this time embarrassing her “Grease” star mother with her video “Play with me” Although her singing talent can not be denied the video showed a shocking string of suicidal, self-mutilating acts. She electrocutes herself while soaking in a bathtub with toaster ovens, radios and hairdryers, plays with exacto knives, shows off mangled, bruised arms and poses with a gun to head, all the while singing “Never knew love would taste like this.” She cries in blood tears, then appears to snort cocaine and blow the dust straight into the camera’s lens in a single poof.

The disturbing video might have just represented how she was really feeling since now she has dropped shocking news saying she’s been battling depression and drug abuse! According to Radaronline Lattanzi has been in in a sober facility for the past seven months.

You can find her on Facebook here and twitter here.

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