Mandi Gosling-Ryan Gosling’s Hot Sister

Mandi Gosling

Mandi Gosling is the sexy sister of Hollywood actor, Ryan Gosling and all we can say is, were has Mandi been all this time!

The buxom blonde made quite the impression at yesterday’s Academy Awards ceremony after Twitter users were desperately trying to find out who she was.

When it was finally revealed she was none other than his older and sexy sibling, Evan Mendes fans were at ease and the whole world fell in love with Mandi Gosling.

The former Mickey Mouse Club musketeer has been in a relationship with actress Eva since 2011, and the couple have two daughters together, born in September 2014 and April 2016.

36-year-old Ryan decided to ditch the mother of two, and instead took Mandi, to the star studded ceremony and Hollywood’s main event.

The Canadian siblings were raised by their mother following their parents divorce. The two performed together in their younger years.

Both Mandi and Ryan would sang together at weddings and it was her who encouraged him to performed in front of audiences.


Actually, this isn’t the first time the busty blonde tags along with her Hollywood star brother. Mandi who is a TV and music video producer currently based in Los Angeles; accompanied him to his first Oscar nomination in 2007 for Half Nelson.

In fact, she has also accompanied Ryan to countless movie premieres and other celeb-packed events over the years, such as the Gotham Awards in 2006 and the Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2008.

Mandi turned 40 in January and celebrated her birthday with a big party joined by family and friends –where she was pictured wearing that revealing dress of hers, for the first time.


Among Mandi’s credits we can mentions, she helped produce Pharrell Williams’ Grammy award-winning song Happy. Mandi Gosling is also listed as an associate producer on Dateline.

Good genes in that family huh!

You can find her on Facebook here.