Who is Danielle Bregoli’s rapper boyfriend?

Danielle Bregoli

Danielle Bregoli, the troubled teen who became a viral sensation after appearing on Dr. Phil and is best known as ‘Cash me outside girl” has a boyfriend.

Danielle whose mother Barbara Ann Peskowitz told Dr. Phil she had given up on raising her daughter due to her wild behavior has gone trough a series of changes, including a makeover.

Her appearance is not the only thing that seems to have changed for Danielle . It looks like she has also patched things up with her mom. However, some things just never change.

The controversial teen has recently been getting in a number of incidents, one including being banned from an airline. Most recently she was involved in a fight outside a bar. Reports say Danielle was in downtown Lake Worth, FL Saturday night, where she and 2 of her girlfriends, helped start a massive brawl at a nearby bar.

The teen and her friends were passing by when bar goers in the patio began touting them with Danielle’s famous phrase “cash me outside, howbow dah?” At first she was down with it but later got pissed at the constant shouting and one of her friends attacked a lady. By the time police got to the scene Danielle and her friend were gone.

Danielle Peskowitz Bregoli was born in March 26, 2003. Her father  Ira Peskowitz, worked as sheriff’s deputy in Palm Beach County.

The Florida native found fame in her September 2016, appearance on Dr. Phil show. Since then the 13-year-old has become quite popular in media, specially on Instagram where she has over six million followers.

On YouTube –where she has over 10K subscribers, she’s also known as Slim Bhabie and Slim Thugga.


Bregoli has been stirring the pot lately by sharing videos of a man who seems a lot older than she is and who could be her new boyfriend.

Danielle who told Dr. Phil –”I’m pretty violent. Either I’m breaking down her door or she’s breaking down my door. I don’t stop till I start seeing dents in the door,” “I steal cars. I steal her credit card. I ain’t gonna lie, there’s no reason to lie” –showed off her guy while relaxing on a coach.

Not much is known about him but its clear her beau is not a 13-year-old.

Danielle who starred in rapper Kodak Black’s unofficial video “Everything 1K” got into a Facetime chat with the rapper about her relationship. Kodak asked her “You ’bout to put that p***y on him?”

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