Rolfi Ferreira Cruz MLB David Ortiz’s Shooter

Rolfi Ferreyra Cruz

Rolfi Ferreyra Cruz is a Puerto Rican native and apparently one of two shooting suspects accused of gunning former MLB player David Ortiz.

Puerto Rican authorities have now arrested six total people in connection with the attack on Ortiz. 43-year-old Ortiz was shot on the back over the weekend and is currently recovering in an ICU.

He was flown back to Boston for treatment where he is recovering from a wound that sliced through his back and exited out his stomach, causing him to lose part of his intestines.

The Sox icon was hit at least two times as he was sitting in an outside patio area of a popular Dominican Republic nightclub.

D.R. cops say two young men drove up to the scene on a motorcycle when one of them got off to fire a single bullet into the Red Sox legend’s lower back.

Rolfi Ferreyra Cruz

Cops say the guys tried to flee the scene on the bike afterward but when it fell to the pavement they tried to make a run for it on foot.

Another suspect, Eddy Vladimir Feliz Garcia, was arrested on the scene after he was beaten by bystanders before he was handed over to cops.

Rolfi Ferreyra Cruz who goes by the nickname, Sandy, allegedly came clean to police and admitted that he was the person who fired at former baseball player David Ortiz.

Also involved in the shooting are detainees, Oliver Moisés and Porfirio Ayendi. Another man, Oliver Mirabal, who has alleged ties to a drug trafficking gang, was accused of being the second suspect under arrest in the ambush-style shooting. However, they were not accused of being the shooter.

Authorities now believe the gunman was a hired assassin, as it was initially reported. However, the mastermind behind the attack – and the motive – are still under investigation. Apparently Rolfi Ferreyra Cruz and his accomplices were paid 400,000 pesos the equivalent to $7,600 USD for the hit.