Raphael Brown’s Ex-Wife Juliette Gil-Brown

Juliette Gil-Brown

Juliette Gil-Brown is the ex-wife of Next singer, Raphael Brown –who is being sued by his current landlord on an alleged sum of $48,000 back rent.

Raphael Brown, along with the 90’s group Next, had a string of radio hits from 1997 to about the year 2001, including the jams, “Wifey,” “Butta Love,” and “Too Close.”

This is not the first time the singer makes headlines on legal issues. You may recall he and his ex-wife Juliette Gil-Brown had a nasty split and last year, the singer was awarded sole custody of their children.

Back in 2014, Juliette Gil-Brown Juliette Gil-Brown claimed the former Next singer beat her on multiple occasions, even when she was pregnant and that he watched **** while his children were present. In response, Raphael filed a 250 page document calling her a violent, manipulative stripper.

Juliette Gil-Brown

He denied the accusations saying “I never kicked her in her stomach when she was pregnant with our son, I never punched my ex-wife in the face, and I’ve never grabbed my ex-wife by her neck or pushed her to the floor.”

He gave a detailed description of events that went down between the couple, saying Juliette verbally attacked a female fan on Facebook, telling her to “stay the f*** off my husband’s page” … even though the fan is a cancer patient who enjoys his music.

He also said Juliette Gil-Brown went on racist rants on social media, calling him “a dirty n****r” and saying he’s “the reason n****rs” are dying of AIDS.”

Most recently in 2016, Raphael got custody of their son –after according to legal docs, Brown said his ex-wife, Juliette, abused their son and forcibly removed him from school. The former couple shares two children together including a 13-year-old son. Raphael is also the father of an 18-year-old son named Tyshaun Brown.

Although his problems with his ex might be over, the Multiplatinum R&B singer, who has over 500K followers on Instagram seems unable to stay out of drama –with his landlord claiming the singer is late on 5 months of rent.