Jeffrey Dewitt Osborne SC shooter’s father

Jeffrey Dewitt Osborne

Jeffrey Dewitt Osborne has been identified as the father of the 14-year-old boy who opened fire yesterday at a school in Anderson County, near the Georgia state line.

The incident comes as the latest in a string of shootings at U.S. schools, fueling  debates about access to guns in the country.

Jeffrey Dewitt Osborne was shot and killed by his own son, potentially identified as, Jesse Osborne. According to police, the teen killed his father and then drove a pickup truck about 2 miles to Townville Elementary School. He crashed into a fence surrounding the playground.

Jeffrey’s son then opened fire shooting a teacher and two children aged six. He never made it to the building according to authorities, thanks to the quick intervention of a volunteer firefighter named Jamie Brock.

Mr. Brock pinned him down while staff led children to safety inside the building.

Police arrived within minutes of a 911 call and found the shooter who was being held by Jamie Brock, who was praised as a hero in social media.

The teacher was shot in her shoulder while one of the boys was shot in the foot, they were treated and released. They other boy named as 6-year-old Jacob Hall who was shot in the leg, remains in critical condition.

Reasons for the shooting are not clear, but police ruled out race as both the shooter and victims were white.


47-year-old Jeffrey Dewitt Osborne, was found by his mother, who called 911. Reports say the suspect was home-schooled and called his grandmother who went to his home. She found the boy’s father had been shot.

Coroner Greg Shore told a news conference on Wednesday night:

“She could not make out what he was saying because he was crying and upset and so they went to the house … and that’s when she discovered her son and called 911”

Anderson County Sheriff’s Office Captain Garland Major told reporters he did not know the relationship between the shooter and those wounded at the school.

Jeffrey Dewitt Osborne

Jeffrey Dewitt Osborne was married to Tiffney Clarke Osborne –who released a statement through her pastor saying

Our entire family is absolutely shocked and saddened by the senseless actions of our son and grandson. We are praying and will continue to do so for the two precious children who were wounded,  and for their courageous teacher who was wounded while rescuing the children. We cannot express the devastation we feel at the loss of our beloved Jeff. We are thankful to have friends who have expressed their sympathy and support to Tiffney at the loss of her husband. Please pray for our family that the Lord will help us as we face this unimaginable ordeal.”