Devin Oliver is Game of Thrones’ Rhaegar Targaryen?

Devin Oliver

Devin Oliver, the Lead vocalist of the electronicore band “I See Stars” could be making his acting debut in the hit HBO series, Game of Thrones.

The hunky front man, informed his more than 61K instagram followers hat he “may or may not have made an appearance in Game of Thrones season 7.”

Have you heard of Devin before? Just in case you haven’t, we got you covered.

Devin Oliver was born April 15, 1992 in Warren, MI. During an interview, the band revealed that, all the members lived close to each other while growing up.

They were officially formed in 2006. His brother Andrew Oliver is the drummer in the band.

The group released its debut EP Green Light Go! in 2007. They were signed to Sumerian Records in 2008.

The bands albums Digital Renegade and New Demons both reached the Billboard top 200.

Their fifth studio album and the first album featuring the new line-up, Treehouse, was released on June 17, 2016.


Back in 2012 Devin Oliver and the rest of the band was jailed in Kansas. They were charged for possessing and intending to use “hallucinogenic drugs.”

The members themselves released their mug shots and Devin commented on his Twitter profile that he “just had the worst 13 hours of my life.”


Could the blonde singer just teasing his fans with his post about Game of Thrones? Truth is we just have to sit tight and wait.

Though it wouldn’t be nothing new about a singer transitioning to acting. Plus another strong theory could be related to Devin’s great looks.

His mesmerizing blonde hair, instantly makes us think of Rhaegar, Daenerys’ deceased older brother and Jon Snow’s father who kickstarted the events of the series by abducting Ned Stark’s sister Lyanna.

Do you agree? If not, be sure to let us know, which role could Devin Oliver play in the series.

You can check him out on Twitter here.