Cheryl Raymer is Pro Poker Player Greg Raymer’s Wife

Greg Raymer wife Cheryl Raymer pic

Meet Cheryl Raymer she is the wife of Greg Raymer the pro poker player who has recently been linked to a prostitution ring that might not just cause issues in his professional life but also in his personal life at home.

48-year-old Gregory “Greg” Raymer aka The Fossilman” won $5M at the 2004 $10.000 No Limit Texas Hold’ Em World Championship, last year he won 4 Heartland Poker Tour Events his winnings were over $7,200,000 the latest of this veteran poker player is that he was busted by the Wake Forest Police at a NC hotel  where he thought he as about to hook up with a prostitute after he responded to an ad posted by the police.

Greg is as we all know married to his wife 48-year-old Cheryl Elizabeth Raymer born on January 1st, 1965, she is the proud momma of the couple’s daughter Sophie. Cheryl and her family live in Raleigh, NC.