Bryan Abasolo FL Chiropractor on The Bachelorette 13

Bryan Abasolo

Bryan Abasolo is one of several contestants set to appear in the upcoming season 13 of the ABC hit TV show, The Bachelorette.

Bryan Abasolo is a handsome chiropractor based in Florida who will be making his best efforts at trying to swoon in Bachelorette 2017, Rachel Lindsay.

Gossip sites have revealed Abasolo will be one to watch during the show, given his looks and credentials we are not really all that surprised.

According to Wetpaint, Lindsay will be so taken by Dr. Abasolo that she will give him the first impression rose.


Is safe to say Abasolo has been quite popular with the ladies, however the hunky doctor is yet to be tied down by any woman. He’s clearly been more focused on his career.


According to his LinkedIn, the Chiropractic Physician has been the clinic director at The Accident and Injury Team since 2009.

Bryan Abasolo graduated from Gulliver School in Miami and obtained his degree form the University of Florida –where he attended from 1998 until 2003.


Aside from being a career man, 37-year-old Bryan Abasolo also gets major points for being super close to his family. He calls his mother his ‘#1” in a sweet photo standing next to her; and his dad, his ‘hero’ and ‘role model’ in another shot.

He is very active on social media and often shares images spending time with relatives, including, his 93-year-old grandmother.

Bryan reveals on social media he is into, health, fitness and sports. So if he seems to be ‘all that’ could there be any reasons that are keeping him from finding the one?

Some of these alleged reasons could’ve already been revealed in additional spoilers, that claim Bryan will come across as somewhat of a villain for his remarks. He’s also been labeled as somewhat cocky –due to his overwhelming confidence.

His Instagram account already tells you something, it can be found under “dr.abs_”

But don’t believe our word, instead tune in tonight, and let us know what you think of Bryan Abasolo during the show’s premiere.