The Rise in E-Sports and the Celebrities That Play

There has been a marked rise in the number of people playing and watching e-sports, and the number of sports or games that now fit this profile of an e-sport has simply skyrocketed. Any game that can be played in front of an audience and streamed on the internet is now being regarded as a possible e-sport. This article will explain the rise in e-sports and discuss the celebrities that play these sports.

Rise in E-Sports

E-sports have seen a huge growth in viewership, players, and revenue, with the increased viewership specifically that has served to dramatically increase revenue. The more people that watch and engage with e-sports, the more marketing and merchandising that takes place, leading to mass revenue generation. This is the main reason for the dramatic rise in the genre. Yes, there are some great games to play, but they wouldn’t be professional without the revenue streams generated by the viewing numbers.

The Celebrities Who Play the Sport

There are generally two types of gaming celebrities: those who are famous before they started playing and now play an e-sport quite well or well enough to be at a tournament, and then those who have become famous for playing e-sports.

Celebrities in E-Sports and Professional Online Gaming

It would seem logical that great sports people got involved in e-sports with the likes of Deli Ali, Sergio Aguero, and David Beckham with FIFA, as well as John Madden with the Madden NFL game, who has gone professional. These stars have all got involved in e-sports that are linked to their actual sporting prowess, as team owners, ambassadors, and players. It is these high-value reputations and celebrities that then encourage others, by the millions, to engage and play e-sports.

Then, there’s also the professional card playing segment, where celebrities like Ben Affleck and Matt Damon spend their time playing. You can play some of these card games for real money at, giving you an inkling of the game played by these celebrities.

The Winners of the World Champs

E-sport celebrity gamers, such as Faker, who have won multiple world championships and made over $1.2M, now have a humongous online following. Likewise, Moon, the greatest Warcraft player of all time, has become famous for playing these e-sports and being phenomenal at what they do.

Keep in mind that for these players to be regarded as professionals, they need to be talented players. It takes a great deal of dedication, time, and effort.

The e-sports sector is on the rise. It is an incredibly tough sector to break into unless you have some incredible gaming skills at one of the games that have made it big or are about to make it big. The celebrities that play and invest in the sector have also added to the glitz and glamor of the sector of e-sports and have served to increase value in the sector. E-sports are here to stay and, the more our celebrities get involved, the bigger and the more mainstream this entertainment and sporting sector will become.