The Biggest Film and TV Genres of 2022

When you pay attention to the output of the entertainment industry over long periods, you might notice certain trends that come and go, and sometimes even repeat. One of the most prominent examples of this in recent times might be that of the superhero film, something that rose to its peak of public attention in the 2010s after years of prior popularity in the 2000s.

With that in mind, what are the most popular genres coming out today? Well, it’s difficult to say outright, as the superhero genre has yet to fade into obscurity, and several properties are relying on nostalgia for earlier entries to carry them through. That being said, there are noteworthy exceptions that draw attention.

The Super Spy Action Hero

Everyone knows this type of character (and by extension, genre), your James Bonds, Jason Bournes, and so on. Some play it campier than others, and some will try to take a gritty, dark, approach, but the essence is quite the same. The one-person army will stop at nothing to achieve their goal, even when faced with often ridiculously overwhelming odds. This genre seems to be facing something of a resurgence with outings such as the Netflix film The Gray Man – an adaptation of a book series – and Amazon’s The Terminal List, once again adapted from a book series but featuring more of a military overtone.

The adrenaline involved in such pieces of fiction can make you want to get moving and get involved somehow. While the violent actions and incidents might not be appealing, the glamorous locations and activities may well be. If you’re interested in the former, you could investigate taking a trip, while visiting online casino websites might satiate the latter.

Fantasy Drama

Game of Thrones was a show that made an enormous impact on the television scene. Not only did it have a high budget behind it to make the scenery as immersive as possible, but it grabbed the public attention like nothing else at its zenith. While the ending left a bad taste in many people’s mouths, studios were aware of the hype behind it. Netflix came out with The Witcher, which is already getting its own spin-off this year: Blood Origin. Amazon Prime is coming out with Rings of Power, based on the Lord of the Rings franchise, and HBO is putting out its own Game of Thrones prequel – House of the Dragon.


While the superhero genre might be gradually fading, it’s not planning on going out quietly. With the Marvel Cinematic Universe proving to be as insanely profitable as it is, it’s no surprise that any number of shows and movies have been put out in the last two or three years alone. For Disney, this makes sense not only considering the financial success that the films have shown but also due to how this kind of content is exactly what people subscribe to their streaming service in search of. With plans being laid out for future instalments in this universe, it’s clear that the superhero genre will be around for a long time to come.