Lena Schiller Pres. Trump’s Ex Bodyguard Keith Schiller’s Wife

Lena Schiller

Lena Schiller is the loving wife of Keith Schiller is the guy who took care of President Donald Trump’s back for the last 16-years. Appointed Director of Oval Office Operations in January 2017; he assumed that position until September 20, 2017.

Lena’s husband was the man who forcibly removed Jorge Ramos from a press conference in Iowa in 2015, or the man who is 2007 prevented WWE wrestling owner Vince McMahon from hitting Trump was? Well, Keith is your guy.

Allegedly, he also smacked a Latino demonstrator after snatching his “Trump: Make America Racist Again” banner outside a Manhattan news conference Thursday. According to the NY Daily News, the protester identified as Efrain Galicia had jumped Schiller from behind.

On his LinkedIn page, he is listed as the Director of Security at The Trump Organization since 1999. As you’d imagine the man responsible for the life of Donald J. Trump is not just your average Joe; Keith was in the Navy for 4-years. In the late 70’s he was a RM3 stationed in USS Plymouth Rock LSD 29 Amphib Group Troop transport.

He is also a retired 2nd-grade Detective for the NYPD. For 12-years he moved through the NYPD as a Transit Police Patrol, the H.I.D.T.A. New York/New Jersey Drug Task Force and the NYPD Strike Force.

According to his Facebook page, he went to New Paltz High School in New Paltz (village), New York.

56-year-old Lena Schiller formerly known as Lena Carpino, tied the knot to Keith Schiller on  October 9, 1983. Together they had one daughter, Natalie Schiller, who graduated from St. Vincent Ferrer High School in May 2014.

Keith and his wife currently reside in Forrest Hill, NY. He is originally from the Bronx and Lena is from Highland, NY. His wife of 32-years is a registered nurse who works at Westchester Medical Center in the Cardio-Thoracic ICU since 1990.