Top 10 Philadelphia Eagles Wags

Philadelphia Eagles Wags

The Eagles players are surely lucky to have by their side some amazing women. If you think what they do is rough, have you considered on what it takes to keep these fellas happy and ready to give their best out in the field?

That’s right, not exactly an easy task; get ready to know up close some of the Philadelphia Eagles Wags below.

#1 Viviana Volpicelli

Viviana Volpicelli

Gorgeous Viviana is a beauty and skincare blogger who is currently dating wide receiver, Nelson Agholor.

#2 Ivana Hicks

Ivana Hicks

Ivana met her hubby Jordan Hicks while at the University of Texas. She and the Eagles linebacker became husband and wife last summer.

#3 Chelsea Johnson

Chelsea Johnson

Chelsea Johnson is the lovely wife of Philadelphia Eagles Offensive Lineman, Lane Johnson. The two have been married since 2013. Since then they have welcomed two children, a son and a daughter.

#4 Carly Graham

Carlyne Graham

Carlyne Graham is the supportive wife of defensive end, Brnadon Graham. Together they are the proud parents of a two-year-old daughter.

#5 Morrisa Jenkins

Morrisa Jenkins

Lovely Morrisa is the proudly married to Eagles safety, Malcom Jenkins. The couple welcomed their second daughter in January 2018.

#6 Julie Ertz

Julie Ertz

Julie Ertz born Julie Johnson is a soccer player and FIFA Women’s World Cup champion –married to tight end, Zach Ertz.

#7 Micaela Powers

Micaela Powers

Miss Powers is currently in a relationship with running back, Corey Clement. She is a recent college graduate who played in the soccer team.

#8 Caitlin Vaitai

Caitlin Vaitai

Caitlin Vaitai is the pretty wife of offensive tackle, Halapoulivaati Vaitai.

#9 Michel Sproles

Michel Sproles

Michel Sproles born Michel Hunt, is the wife of Eagles running back Darren Sproles. The two have been married since 2010.

#10 Annie Timyan

Annie Timyan

Miss Timyan is currently dating rookie kicker, Jake Elliot.

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