Nastya Rybkas Model in Oleg Deripaska’s Scandal

Nastya Rybkas

This stunning gal is Nastya Rybkas; the Russian model/ call girl born Anastasia Vashukevich arrested in Thailand, has said she has information about President Trump & Russia if they get her out of prison.

Nastya Rybkas claimed she started an affair with Russian billionaire philanthropist and businessman Oleg Deripaska in 2016. Prior to this whole new discovery, Deripaska has been linked to President Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

 Nastya Rybkas

She first recorded a meeting between Oleg and Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Prikhodko in his yacht in August 2016; the meeting according to Russian opposition Alexei Navalny is the evidence of government bribery and corruption; nonetheless, Navalny isn’t allow to run for president

Moreover, her alleged relationship with the married oligarch helped Rybkas’ popularity who in addition to modeling is the author of the tell-all book Diary of Soliciting a Billionaire.

Nastya Rybkas

Furthermore, the Belarussian native claims someone in Bangkok paid to put her in jail, in violation of Thailand Laws; however, if the USA get her out of there she will give them information regarding the connection between the 2016 presidential election and Russia.

“If we go back to Russia we will die in Russian’s prison or they will kill us;’ she wrote Tuesday on her Instagram account. ‘Please USA help us not to die from Russians!”

“Albeit if you find me in Thai jail still alive; I would gladly talk to you. I am awaiting your proposals,’ she said in the video