Nick Jonas’ New Girlfriend Annalisa Azaredo

Annalisa Azaredo

Meet the lovely Annalisa Azaredo; she is the mystery girl caught by TMZ with singer and actor Nick Jonas in Australia. Annalisa who is without a doubt drop dead gorgeous, hurt her knees during a bike ride early in the day; luckily for her, she closed the night with a steamy kissing session with the sexy singer.

What do we know about Nick’s new girl?

First of all pretty Annalisa Azaredo, from Sydney Australia, graduated from Ivanhoe Grammar School in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

She is currently a student at the University of Melbourne and resides in Hawthorn, Victoria. According to her crazy profile, she loves horses and owns one. The compliment that she gets is that she has great eyes.

The craziest thing she has ever done is going out with a stranger; she has two tattoos, loves to play and watch baseball, and if she could ask for a wish to a genie, she would ask for the ability to read minds.