Anabella Chatman – Coolio’s Baby Mama

Coolio baby mama Anabella Chatman

According to TMZ Gangsta’s Paradise rapper Coolio was arrested after he pushed his baby mama Anabella Chatman to the ground, punched her in the face and struck her with his car, before he left the house with their son and his girlfriend.

49-year-old Coolio who was born Jr. has 6 children (others said 7) with four different women, his eldest daughter 24-year-old Tanisha is from previous relationship he had before he got married to his wife Josefa Salinas mother of his other children 22-year-old son Artis and daughters Jackie and 23-year-old Brandi. Coolio and Josefa got married in 1996.

It is uncertain what the names of Coolio’s other children and who are their mother, except for Anabella Chatman who is the mother  of Coolio’s toddler son.

As for Chatman, who she is, or how does she looks like is uncertain, we found a 26-year-old Anabella Chatman in California, before she moved to California she lived in Chicago, IL.