Galen Pehrson Nasty Gal Sophia Amoruso’s New Boyfriend

Galen Pehrson

This handsome fella is Galen Pehrson; he is the new boyfriend of Nasty Gal founder heck out Sophia Amoruso. Amoruso is also the writer of her autobiography #GIRLBOSS. Previously married to Joel Jarek DeGraff;  Sophia recently was granted the divorce.Galen Pehrson

The first thing you need to know, prior to hearing about Galen is that Amoruso and her now ex-husband DeGraff dated for a couple of years before they web in June 2015; they split up the following year; eventually divorced him in June 2017. Joel Jarek DeGrraff who is ta singer and songwriter of Same Animal got $30,000, $18.000 for the rent from his ex-wife and his 2014 Volvo.

Galen Pehrson

Now, Sophia Amoruso found love again, Galen Pehrson is the lucky fella dating this stunner.

As noted Galen Pehrson; is a writer and director, known for True Vulture, Mondo Taurobolium, Center Jenny, Party Legends and last but never the least The Caged Pillows.

Pehrson born Galen Brent Pehrson on December 28, 1979, holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in film, cinema and video studies and animation from the Rhode Island School of Design.