James T. Hodgkinson’s Wife Sue Hodgkinson

 Sue Hodgkinson

James T. Hodgkinson is the 66-year-old Illinois resident who opened fire at a GOP baseball practice in Virginia; he also is the husband of Suzanne Sue Hodgkinson.

Sue Hodgkinson spoke to ABC News and told them her husband has been living in Alexandria, Virginia for two months, before that he lived in Belleville, Illinois where he owned a home inspection business called J Thin Inspections; however, his license expired at the end of 2016, but he never renewed it.

Mr. Hodgkinson clearly hates President Trump, but he doesn’t like Hillary Clinton, either, he likes Bernie Sander though.

James Thomas Hodgkinson was born December 12, 1950. He is married to Suzanne Marie Hodgkinson born on December 8, 1952.