Who is Katherine Langford’s Boyfriend?

Katherine Langford

Katherine Langford is an actress whom you’ll probably be hearing a lot about in years to come so you better get to know her now that she’s staring what we think is a bright future ahead of her.

Langford is fresh face in the showbiz industry, she burst onto the scene in a huge way this year thanks to her starring role in Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why –the series everyone is talking about apparently.

The stunning brunette is originally from Perth, Australia. She was born April 28, 1996. Aside from acting Langford has showed talent for sports.

While attending Perth Modern School she was a nationally ranked swimmer. Katherine has received vocal training since 2005. Following a Lady Gaga music concert she decided she wanted to take piano lessons and ditched swimming. In 2014 she graduated from the public school for the gifted with a diploma of musical theater.

Following her high school graduation she began taking acting lessons and got herself an agent.

Not much is know about her acting background but it seems she began working in theater and had roles in two different plays: Evita and Godspell.

She also participated in an indie film back in her native land called, Daughters. 13 Reasons Why is Katherine’s big break and first role in a television series.


According to reports the talented young actress only had about ten days to get a passport and move form her native country to California after she found out she had landed the role.

The series has caused major controversy since it explores Katherine’s role committing suicide and the reasons why she has decided to end her life in great detail. Producers and actors involving the show hope 13 Reasons Why “sparks a conversation” with teenagers and adults about things that are happening to youth today around the world.



After breaking onto the scene in such a powerful way you wouldn’t expect Katherine Langford to be single. After taking a look at her social media there is no indication of her having a romance with anybody at the moment, but let’s be real, is just a matter of time for that to change.

For the time being Katherine appears to be enjoying her new found fame and soaking everything in..you go girl!


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