United Airlines Bloodied Passenger–David Dao

David Dao

David Dao has been identified as the passenger who was harassed by major travel company, United Airlines.

A number of videos have gone viral after Mr. Dao was violently ousted from a United Airlines aircraft all because the flight was overbooked and United Airlines people randomly selected him to be kicked out.

Footage shows David Dao being knocked out by airport security whom were following the airline’s instructions to get him out.

The incident took place on the Sunday flight at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. Dao who identified himself as a doctor on his way to Kentucky said he couldn’t miss the flight because his patients were waiting for him.

Instead, United Airlines officials decided to yank him out form his seat. He can clearly be seen being dragged down the aisle by his hands and him bleeding from the mouth. The airline had been offering money to passengers but nobody took it.


United Airlines CEO, Oscar Munoz emailed all employees to say he fully stood behind the crew members’ actions in dealing with Dao.

But as the backlash against United was building, he seems to have changed his tone and has issued a statement saying, United takes full responsibility for the incident, and promises to look into better methods to deal with anything like this in the future.


Dr. David Dao was trained at a Vietnamese medical school before moving to the US. He and his wife Theresa who was also on the flight at the time of the incident, is a pediatrician.

The 69-year-old doctor is also the father of five. Four of his children are doctors, according to The Daily Mail.

Dao’s sudden fame has also led many outlets revealing his criminal history. The Asian doctor was convicted on multiple charges of obtaining drugs by fraud in 2004 and was placed on five years’ probation, the Courier-Journal of Louisville reports.

The Kentucky medical licensing board investigated Dr. Dao after his arrest and found he had become sexually interested in a male patient whom he physically examined, according to the New York Post.

The two began a relationship and would often meet for sex in motel rooms. Dr Dao would supply the patient with narcotics in exchange for sexual favors. His medical license was restored in 2015.

While barred from practicing medicine, Dr Dao, a married father of five, turned to poker, TMZ reported, joining the circuit in July 2006. In 2009 he came second in a tournament, winning $117,000, and his total earnings reached over $230,000.

Dr. Dao is currently recovering in a Chicago hospital.