Joy Stevens Amanda Bynes’ Life Coach

Joy Stevens

Joy Stevens is the woman who has become the shadow of troubled starlet, Amanda Bynes.

New reports have identified Joy Stevens as the life coach, who doesn’t leave her side. According to RadarOnline, they have an inseparable relationship.

We all remember how three years ago the former child star suffered a very public meltdown. In 2012 Bynes announced that she was retiring from acting. Then came the worrying public displays, including creating a fire in a stranger’s driveway, and how can we forget her alarming twitter rants.

On one occasion, she accused her father of abusing her, which she later denied, instead blaming a “microchip in my brain” for the shocking statements.

She was finally admitted to a treatment center in late 2014.

Now the 30-year-old seems to be going in the right track –she’s even continuing her fashion studies, which she began back in 2014. That’s most likely in big part, to the intervention of Joy Stevens.

A fellow student from the Fashion Institute of Design and Marketing [FIDM] in Los Angeles, allegedly gushed about the pair being inseparable on campus. According to the student, is an inside secret on campus that Joy is her life coach.


Joy was born in Huntington Beach, California as Joy Knudson. She currently resides in Los Angeles and according to her LinkedIn, she couldn’t sound more perfect for Bynes.

On her profile she writes:

I am a recovery companion specializing in addiction recovery. I also provide companionship/coaching to people with mental health diagnosis. I help to create a safe, stable environment for individuals who have found that they need a more personalized, one on one, 24/7 treatment plan.


Joy also writes about other wonders she works on people like:

I work with my clients to help them overcome past triggers and issues. I also believe that addicts need structure so I introduce my clients to support groups and get them involved in outpatient programs. Accountability is key. I believe balance and a life of purpose are essential to an addicts success. I approach recovery as a triad of body, mind and spirit. I understand the struggle to achieve and maintain sobriety. My goal has always been to show my clients the path to a healthy, responsible, peaceful, fun SOBER life.

Accoridng ot her Facebook profile, she does have a life of her own, one that includes a husband and children.

Joy Stevens is listed as a life coach/recovery coach at Recovery Coaching, for the last eight years. She previously worked for four years as a drug counselor at Summit Malibu Treatment Center.

You can find her on Instagram here.