Angela Bundy – Ryan Bundy’s Wife

Angela Bundy

Angela Bundy is the wife of right-wing militant, Ryan Bundy. It’s good news for wife Angela after her hubby and others were acquitted on Thursday.

As you may remember, Ryan led armed protesters to a federally owned wildlife sanctuary in Oregon last winter. Ryan Bundy and seven others were acquitted of federal conspiracy and weapons charges.

The 39-year-old wife and mother said of her husband’s acquittal:

I knew that what my husband was doing was right, but I was nervous because the judge was controlling the narrative,” “But they saw the truth. I am just so grateful they saw it.”

However, he is still facing charges in Nevada stemming from a 2014 standoff with federal agents trying to round up their father Cliven Bundy’s cattle.


Bundy is now to be transported to Nevada to face charges in the Bunkerville standoff. All others on trial at this time were released. Some of the defendants plead guilty early on, and some have not yet been to trial, but those whose went to trial in September were found not guilty.


Angela’s father in law is cattle rancher Cliven Bundy, who has 14 children and her husband is one of them. Being born a Bundy means probably inheriting a 20-year-dispute with the Bureau of Land Management.

Ryan has proven to be a vocal supporter of his father, during the standoff in Nevada. Ryan has a long history of legal troubles in Utah dating back 10 years, including an alleged clash with courthouse bailiffs last year in which he was arrested.

Most recently, Ryan was arrested earlier this year, after leading a standoff along with brother Ammon,

at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

Ryan and Ammon along with other armed man, seized control of the headquarters of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon in January 2016. The occupation ended 40 days later on February 11, when the final occupier willingly went into custody.


Angela and Ryan have a big family as well.

Together they are the parents of eight children. She and her family reside in Cedar City, Utah, and Bunkerville, Nevada.

Angela helps out in running their melon business. Accoridng to her Facebook page, Angie Huntington Bundy went to school to Cedar City High and also attended Southern Utah University.

She writes in the about section

In all living have much fun and laughter, life is to be enjoyed not just endured…Pres. Hinckley

Whether you are a a Bundy follower or not, one thing is for sure, Angie Bundy has been one understanding and supportive wife, who has been under a lot of pressure.

She said during an interview, “I really believe they’ve conveniently put our men in jails so they can come after our land and our resources.”