Italian artist Marco Perego is Zoe Saldana’s Rumored boyfriend!

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Marco Perego is the name of the handsome Italian getting close to Star Trek Into Darkness” star Zoe Saldana! Despite defusing rumors she might wake up someday and feel like it might be a good idea to raise her kids with a woman, for now; she is looking cozy by the side of the Italian artist.

Young and talented artist emigrated to the United States, his father is a writer and his mom a housewife. But before all the glamour and fame came Marco used to wash dishes in Spanish Harlem! The 34 year old painter has been romanced by his own storybook rise to success, and he’s not ashamed of that either. But he definitely has some hidden talents, prior to his work as a busboy, he was a professional soccer player.

Perego has jumped into the headlines in 2008 when he exhibited in New York , that was when his first New York solo show took place and more specifically the Half Gallery, in the East Side of Manhattan, the ‘death’ of Amy Winehouse , hit by a bullet.Beside her, her murderess, the American writer William Burroughs. ‘The Only Good Rock Star Is a Dead Rock Star’ the name of the work, which caused no little fanfare Perego and transformed into a ‘name’. Disappeared for a couple of years, Marco is now back on the crest of the news thanks to a completely different story, which rhymes with ‘gossip’.

marco perego photos

marco perego-zoe-saldana

Saldana was photographed by paparazzi while kissing our own scruffy Italian, during the party’s official launch of Into Darkness: Star Trek , which sees Zoe among the leaders. According to many present the two would spend the entire evening side by side.

Who knows what could have attracted Saldana; his long hair?? or his heavy and manly Italian accent?

Marco who is also known as Pirate Perego due to his resemblance to Hollywood heartthrob Johnny Depp, has known the actress for a while now and although it’s too early to tell if they are dating or not, two things are for sure her brief relationship with fellow actor Bradley Cooper is a thing of the past and the actress is no longer interested on dating other celebrities adding

“been there, done that, got the T-shirt.”

Never say never…That’s all I’m gonna say. Perego currently lives and works in L.A