Allie Alexander And Hillary Wilcox Travis Alexander’s Sisters

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Travis Alexander’s family is  finally saying justice has been made as Jodi Arias was found guilty of brutally killing Travis back  in June, 2008.

Over these past months since Jodi Arias trial began on January, 2013 we have come familiar with Travis’ family, his loving brother Steven, Greg and Gary and  beautiful sisters Tanisha and Samantha, but there are two equally stunning ladies, we are talking about Travis Alexander two other sister Hillary and Allie.

Allie Alexander also known as Allie Iglesias was born in Robidoux, California. She studied at Ocean Shores High School and then attended at Palomar College. Mrs. Alexander Iglesias works at  TDGO Creative Concrete Solution.

Allie resides in Los Angeles with her 40 year-old hubby Marcos Iglesias. Allie once commented about Arias..

I love and miss my sweet brother, life has never been the same. Words can’ t express the hurt, pain, and devastation we feel day in and day out. My brother truly was the best man I’ve ever known, he had a heart of pure goodness. Jodi Arias is as evil as they come. I pray that people see her for exactly what she is, an evil empty soul, who has no resource , she is a master manipulator of the worst kind.

Her sister 30- year-old Hillary Jean Alexander now Hillary Wilcox was born on November 18, 1982, She currently resides with her husband 34-year-old Christian Jay Wilcox and their son in Riverside, CA.