Chloe Melas’ Husband Brian Mazza

Brian Mazza

Brian Mazza is the husband of CNN entertainment reporter Chloe Melas –the one who has come forward in accusing veteran Hollywood star, Morgan Freeman of sexual harassment.

Brian’s wife has accused Freeman of assault, one of the most respected actors in the industry. According to reports the investigation against Freeman took six months in which several women have come forward in accusing the 80-year-old star.

Mrs. Melas not only lead the investigation against Freeman but was also a victim herself. According to her account, she was sent to cover a publicity event last year for “Going in Style,” a film starring Mr. Freeman, Michael Caine and Alan Arkin. Melas, who was pregnant at the time with her son Leo, said that Mr. Freeman looked her up and down and made several remarks along the lines of “I wish I was there,” one of which was captured on video.

After she came back from her maternity leave she began pursuing leads on Freeman. Chloe Melas is a 31-year-old Atlanta native who has covered entertainment for numerous years. According to her profile, Melas spent nearly seven years at HollywoodLife where she was a senior entertainment reporter. She attended Auburn University where she majored in Radio, TV & Film. You may also recognize her from her gig as co-host of VH1’***** morning show, The Gossip Table.

Brian Mazza

She is currently married to restaurateur and fitness model, Brian Mazza. The couple currently reside in Manhattan.

Brian Mazza is also the President of Paige Hospitality Group –a premier operations & hospitality company specializing in high-end event planning & event production.

Brian Mazza

The husband and father of one, has always been into fitness, he earned a scholarship to play Division 1 Soccer at The University of Rhode Island –and where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts, Communication in 2006. According to Insider, Mazza has lead his fit lifestyle by working out 7-days a week, following the Paleo diet and not drinking alcohol. Not as easy when you are the man behind 8-restaurants in the NY city area.

He began as a bottle runner at Southampton nightclub Dune while in his early 20’s. He worked his way up in the restaurant business and kept a healthy lifestyle as well. He starts his day with a 7:30 am Tone House class –his workout of choice.

According to his LinkedIn, Mazza is also the owner of MAZZA SPORT –an Athletic Apparel brand under the BMAZZFIT Company.

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