Elizabeth Hatcher-Travis – Randy Travis’ ex-wife

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A native of Kernersville, N.C., Mary Elizabeth Robinson met Randy Traywick in 1977 when the 17-year-old came into her Charlotte, N.C., nightclub called Country City USA to audition for the weekly talent competition. Libby as she is mostly known was actually married to one Frank Hatcher; with whom he owned the nightclub, he had been her husband for 10 years. They were married from 1970 and divorced in 1980.

She knew a young and talented Travis was in trouble with the law so she brought him to live with her and her husband at the time. Travis sang and washed dishes at the club to earn his keep. But when Frank told Lib to choose between their marriage and Randy, Hatcher and Travis moved out. She recalls:

“I never spoke to the man again,” “Randy might have given me the courage to leave a bad situation, but Randy did not break up the marriage.”

Hatcher and Travis were into more than just business; in 1982 they moved to Nashville; and their love for music, being around each other and working together made their relationship blossom. After Travis released his first album, Storms of Life, in 1986 and garnered five No. 1 singles, the ninth-grade dropout was on his way with Hatcher guiding his career at every step. She used to manage 52 employees who handle everything from bookings to T-shirts. She financed Randy Travis’s first recordings as-Randy Traywick, made on the Paula label.

She became not only his lover, but also his support, his right hand, his everything to build up his career; she used to pick his clothes, cooked his meals and even canned her own vegetables to accommodate his allergies to meat and daily products. She was a little bit of a nurturing mother as well. They were 16-years apart and although that used to make the singer uncomfortable somehow they made it work.

libby hatcher picslibby hatcher pics2libby hatcher

Outgoing and energetic, witty, intelligent and very kindhearted that was what Libby meant to the legendary singer. They tied the knot during a private ceremony on May 31, 1991 when she was 48 years old and he was 32. The wedding took place in the courtyard in front of a waterfall, to what Lib happily said:

“No one attended but two strangers. The preacher brought them.”

As her manager she did not want to make a big deal out of it since she wanted to keep him available for his audience. When they were together Hatcher and Travis spent most of their private time outside Nashville, where they had a two-story log farmhouse on 100 acres crossed by paths marked Libby Lane and Travis Trails; she used to play housewife and he would go out to ride his horses and shooting his guns.

In 2010 after 30 years of being his manager and long time partner, Travis cheated on Libby with a married woman named Mary Beougher aka Mary Davis. After Libby caught the singer red handed by placing a hidden camera on his tour bus everything came crashing down; some might say even his career.

Travis divorced Elizabeth “Lib” Hatcher, his wife of 19 years and the woman who helped launch his career. Their connection is key namely because Hatcher has long been credited as rescuing Travis from a life that was spiraling out of control. The couple never had any children.

Now Travis’s life seems to be in grave danger after he was surgically intervened due to heart complications this past Monday; according to his twitter he was admitted to Texas hospital. Do you think 70-year-old Libby would care??

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  1. Patti Outlaw Hartis says:

    Lib you did not deserve Randy. He was your meal ticket. And after what you did to.
    my dad after he passed was unforgivable. You better hope I never find out that you took his money after he passed because if so it will be you and me lady. My family did deserve what you did and you will pay for it one way or other. At least Randy found a good women this time. And believe me there are alot of people pulling for his fast recovery so he will back on stage singing again. But this time he will have a real women with him.

    • You need to get a life!! Elizabeth was the best thing that ever happened to Randy and if he has a brain he will remember that she was the only one who really loved him. Where would he be without her today…in prison!

    • Really? She made him a star. This new woman nearly cost him his life. She moved him to Texas after Dr in TN told her not to. Then he had a stroke. She still married to her dentist husband. WHY? She a gold DIGGER.

    • Libby was the best manager and wife Randy could ever have. I was at the bar where Randy worked and Libby and husband owned. She did everything she could for that boy, then man. I was so very proud of their relationship. I wondered how it would ever last–her being so much older. But, she grew to truly love him–and who wouldn’t–being around him all the time, that voice, the handsome man he turned out to be. He repays her by cheating–how is that her fault. I love Randy Travis for all the years that he was with her. Ask yourself this–why is his world falling apart? It’s because he doesn’t have her anymore. I had the opportunity recently to date a younger man, but I was afraid to do that. Say he is 20 and she is 39. No big deal. But every 10 years makes a huge difference. Now, he is 40 and she is 59. He is still extremely handsome and she is showing her age. He is sexy and he gives in, and to play it safe, he cheats on his wife with a “married” woman. And, HE divorces her. His world is coming apart now because he cannot survive on his own now that he is without her. I know this is long, but come on. I am sorry that you are hurting and hopefully by this time, you are starting to realize that SHE did nothing wrong.

  2. D. Miller says:

    Elizabeth Travis is a real lady and loyal friend along with being one of the most ever talented business people in the music business! Elizabeth is the reason we get to enjoy all Randy’s music to this day! She discovered him and fought tooth and nail for his career…..something no one else done!!!
    Besides Elizabeth cared for Randy like no other and so sad that some want to nail her to a cross….well believe me Libby is a favorite of our Lord Jesus….she is a God send to many and we cannot have time for the jealous followers of the current M.B. tyrant . Let’s pray when Randy wakes up, he really wakes up!!!
    God bless Randy and Elizabeth at this time…AMEN!

  3. Franklin L. Hatcher jr. says:

    I would love to talk to Libby about my father Frank Sr. If anyone can put me in touch with her I would be grateful. I have many pictures of Libby and my father and a lot of questions that only she can answer. Praying for a quick recovery for Randy. Thanks, Frank jr.

  4. Elizabeth Travis is the reason Randy Travis is so successful today. There are many people out there today who are very talented but unless you have someone who believes in you and moves mountains for you..you are just another great voice in the crowd. I don’t know Ms. Travis at all but I do know that she gave everything to Mr. Travis. No one can guarantee a person that you will have a lifetime commitment from anyone else. Things change and people change..the saddest part of this whole story for both of them is that they not only lost their marital partners, they lost their business partners as well. Both suffered from this. I am so sad for Randy right now with this heart attack and stroke and I am sorry for you Ms. Travis..I am certain that your heart is still broken.. He seems to be a good person. You two had a good thing..I hope you both are able to recover from this and find happiness and success again.

  5. Carlton Mark says:

    Lizz and Randy, you should both put things behind and live a normal life once again. Everybody make mistakes and then realize someday or other. I suggest you both join and let Randy be Travis once again. Wish you both a happy life together again.

  6. Dr.R. Fetters says:

    The whole family is a joke, the last time Travis appeared in Florida at Silver Springs, the show sucked and Travis was too snooty to see an ill person that traveld hundreds of miles to see him. The heart attack was pay back for his cold shoulder.. There will be more to come I am sure where he claims to be a christin but is really a cold devil.

  7. Lynn Dowless says:

    Well at least they sure had some fine times together…They lived the common persons fantasy high life…, and nothing or no one can ever take that away from either one of them….But Randy was dumb to let that lady get away from him…That woman could not do anything for him that he could not get at home with a bit of persuasion….So how dumb can somebody be to cut their own throat like that?

  8. You just never know what goes on behind closed doors. She was to old for Randy. I know Lib really pushed Randy to the top and if it had not been for her, he probably wouldn’t be as far as he is today. Good luck to both of them….

  9. Always wondered why they ever got married. Their back stage kisses, hugs, etc., were well known, but she was a manager & should have been wiser as she was older. Am sure there were other women that would have been better for marriage and Liz could have still been his manager. Business & pleasure rarely work. Glad she was there to manage him in the beginning, as we would have missed those wonderful songs that he sang.

  10. moses mayamja says:

    whatever happened,happened but i love his song heros en friends

  11. Jo Mcdonald says:

    Randy Travis was nothing until Lib told him how to use his talent. She made Randy Travis what he became, now he has left her for a married, mother of two. I hope that he takes a long time in recovery so we can all see what kind of person this MARY is. She falls so short of being what he had with Lib.

  12. R L Stpehens says:

    I am a 69 year old white guy and an ex guitar player from the 60’s and 70’s. I ma honest and can be totally trusted. I live in North Texas no to far from Randy’s ranch.

    A true and honest friend and fan, I want to meet Randy and see if I can help him get back. I am not a doctor nor some crack-pot. I want nothing in return but just to be his friend who wants nothing from him but to see if IC an help. We can not this god given talent go down without a fight.

    If this is possible, please feel free to check me out.
    I can be contacted at rl.stephens@att.net

    Thanks ya’ll

    R L Stepehens

  13. Steve C says:

    I only hear one side of the story and mostly all from the media. I met you and Randy on a cruise ship w/ John Hagee. It would have been inappropriate, but when it was my turn in line to have my picture autographed I so badly wanted to say “Is everything alright”? It didn’t look as though…. Anyhow, I have been playing for 54 years, 42 professionally, and just judging by only seeing you guys the one time, that’s what I felt. My wife handles all my finances. 34 years now. As I have to guess you handled Randy’s. Sounds like a good plan to me…..
    My sister came and sang with the group when it was Randy Ray and Nashville. Steve C.
    By not knowing anything, I’d say thank you for doing a GRET job.

  14. as of sometime in march Randy Travis Married The Woman He Had The Affair with Mary Davis Now Travis

  15. Well, they say LOVE is BLIND, and I’ve been there. So much to say about Randy being young and his manager being his senior, but well, they agreed on a relationship, so no one else’s business. Sad to see Randy’s health issues. I’m even listening to one of his Cd’s now.

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