Jaclyn Nugent- Woman punched in the Face by Jets fan Kurt Paschke with Criminal record

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Meet Kurt Paschke, he is the Jets fan who was caught in video punching a woman in the face, this girl identified as Jaclyn Nugent is a student at Boston University with no criminal record, however we can’t say the same about her attacker Mr. Paschke who even was once indicted for fatally stabbing a man identified a Henri Ferrer when they were both just a couple 17 years old students at Brentwood High and Sachem High School.

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38-year-old Kurt W. Paschke was born on October 25, 1974 in Holbrook, NY to retired Suffolk County police officer Kurt Paschke Sr., 62, and Colleen Paschke, 62, he graduated from Sachem High School in Lake Ronkonkoma, NY and then attended at Suffolk County Community College in Selden, NY. Kurt is currently a bartender at the Paramount in NY

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Now let me tell you about the criminal record on Mr. Paschke, back in 1992 when he was 17 and got involved in a fight outside a Sayville pizzeria, also there was Henri Ferrer also 17 who was fatally stabbed by Paschke.

Henri Ferrer Kurt Paschke pic Henri Ferrer Kurt Paschke

Kurt was first charged with murder but ultimately convicted of the lesser charge in 1995.

“I am deeply sorry, I can honestly say I never sought the confrontation, but when it came, I did what I had to do.”

Paschke is or used to be close friends with Martin Tankleff who at the age of 17, was convicted for fatally bludgeoned and slashed his parents Arlene and Seymour Tankleff in 1988.

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According to Kurt Paschke’s mom Colleen said her son didn’t punched Jaclyn Nugent deliberately, but in defense, according to Mrs. Paschke, Ms. Nugent and a group of her friends were being rude at them during the game and they continued to behave that way on their out of the stadium.

colleen paschke kurt paschke mom

“There was a group of Patriots fans antagonizing our friends the whole game … They were drunk and out of control,’’ Colleen Paschke said. “Our friends were in the same row and, for instance, they were even making fun of a girl because she just gotten braces.

Jacklyn Nugent Kurt Paschke-pic Jacklyn Nugent Kurt Paschke pickurt-paschke-Jaclyn NugentJacklyn Nugent Kurt Paschke-photos

“As my son and I were leaving, the group came charging from behind and said ‘Let’s get them,’ ” she said. They push through us to get to his friends and start throwing punches. My son wanted to break it up.

“Then the girl [on the video] was throwing three punches at my son … and with that, my son is just trying to protect himself and me. One girl was putting her middle finger in face, saying, ‘F— you!’ to me,’’ Paschke’s mom said. “The girl who was bleeding took the blood and threw it in my face.”

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Here is what we found out about Jaclyn M. Nugent, she is 26 years old, born on August 06, 1987 in Massachusetts. Jacklyn graduated in 2009 from the University of Massachusetts Boston. Jaclyn was named to the dean’s list for the fall 2006 semester at University of Massachusetts.

Jaclyn Nugent pic Jaclyn Nugent picture Jaclyn NugentJaclyn Nugent photo

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  1. Woody’s Here!!!

  2. Hope this loser who punched Jaclyn gets what he deserves, jail time.. Not to happy w the bystanders who just watched a man strike a girl and didn’t do anything.. If my friends and I were there that chump would sorely b mistaken.. What a loser

    • Correct Shawn!! Not sure how people just walked away like nothing happened…I understand that they were not associated with the people involved, but once a line is crossed then something needs to be done…

    • julian aenlle says:

      that b**h got what was coming to her,drunk b**h good for her

    • F****u, your a chump b****h. I dont care who anyone is… if a girl wants to fight like a man then she deserves to get hit like one.

    • Seriously?? Jaclyn ATTACKED kurt after JACLYN’s friends beat two of kurts friends- one unconscious and his GIRLfriend constantly in the face and body. Wait its ok to beat them to the point they went to the HOSPITAL but this stupid excuse of a woman who attacked a man being taken away from a brawl is the victim? PLEASE. She is white trash for attacking a man who was walking away to begin with, let alone hanging out with people that would jump a man and woman to the point of being taken to the hospital. Disgusting is what she is

    • The loser was your pal jackie…she attacked him…he was 20 feet away and the two girls went after him and started hitting him BEFORE he reacted…SHE GOT WHAT SHE DESERVED…

  3. She may not have had a record but she is guilty and should be the one charged with assault. If you watch the video it is clear that the guy was attacked by 3 people at the same time and responded in self defense. Had he not protected himself he would have had to stand there taking blows from 3 people. He did the right thing and the attacker should be arrested.

    • julian aenlle says:

      She obviously can’t hold her liquor and gets violent when she does drink,as seen in the video unless you are blind she was the aggressor and got what she deserves,it’s always ok and acceptable when a woman strikes a man but how much does the man have to take,good for her ,maybe next time she think before she attacks someone

  4. Mary carry says:

    On the other hand, best thing is to walk away and from other views, the two girls were just as guilty. When walking away, you can yell and throw all the fingers and be as stupid as you want, but when physical aggression is utilized then you have gone overboard, on both parties side……slapping and hitting are two different things oh and name calling and throwing the finger are not just provocation for defending or as they say throwing a punch. But one questions – legally are both considered physical assault such the slap and the punch on the same level and even though stated that the other party instigated and laid the scenario if correct by continually harassing and being verbally abusive. For me the females were so wrong though……..it is not wrong to utilize the security and staff and report this abuse, it does not make you a “pussy”, to save a situation from rising to this level!

  5. Looks like a love tap!

  6. This murdeer got by with that, why not hit a woman?

  7. Ho Ho Ho

  8. These articles make it seem like Kurt is some monster. He is not at all what the articles paint him out to be. He is honest to God the sweetest man, who would do anything for his friends. He has a shitty past, but he is not that guy anymore. Fights escalate, and it is never just one person to blame in a fight. Fact is, a classy woman wouldn’t drink herself to excess to the point where a fight with a man twice her size would even be considered. She is without a doubt to blame equally, if not more, than Kurt. She and her other classy friend, charged at Kurt, after verbally abusing his friends. She hit him several times before he raised his hands up to what anyone in the video can see is self defense. Kurt is more than likely feeling terrible about himself and how the media is portraying him, because that’s the kind of person he is. Lesson Learned: If you’re a female and you want to act like a man, expect to get treated like one. Respect yourself enough to not let it get to that point, and I guarantee you it wouldn’t have gone that far. Class up Jaclyn, you’re making us ladies look bad.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This woman treated me like second class dirt throughout high school. I don’t condone hitting women in the least but I cannot say I am surprised by this event.

  10. dennis brown says:

    Sorry but you do all you can to avoid striking a female unless they have a weapon. This guy deserves jail time and so does she.

  11. NY area Sopranos says:

    For the people saying the girl was the “aggressor”, how do we know if this Kurt goon did not harass her before this video started? The mother of this Kurt guy said this girl and her friend were harassing her when this fight broke out…..but she is NO WHERE around. The mother naturally is going to make up stories to defend her killer son. That dumb low-life Soprano mentality of the Jets fan is typical of these goat tee New York area sports fans.

    • We have a video that clearly shows he was nowhere near the action…he had been pulled away and stayed away when the two skanks traveled 20 feet to get to and attack him…the blonde will be charged with assault…I would be surprised if the brunette was not also charged…he was clearly defending himself on the video…he hit her once to end it and did nothing after…I don’t expect him to be charged with anything…based on the evidence…

    • Do you know this guy or just assuming that you do? He was obv attacked by 3 people at once. What would you do? Let some white trash chick from Boston rearrange your face while you just stood there? He open hand slapped her, and not even that hard- you see her right after, does not look like the impact of a punch from a guy that size.

  12. Clearly this guy is a loser that belongs in jail since 1992, then he hits a woman. I don’t care what was or done by whom-be a man. You do not hit a woman. You killed someone and you’re not in jail? We need death penalty then this would not happen. He prob brought up in home where daddy beats mommy too. get a life loser!!!- not a fan of either team but clearly JETS SUCK BAD!!!!!!

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