Cody Walker- Paul Walker’s Brother

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cody and paul walker pic

There’s always a special bond between the brother and the youngest in a family. We’re sure that this was the case for Paul Walker and his “baby brother” Cody. Paul was fifteen years older than Cody. That age difference makes this doubly true.

For their parents, Cheryl Crabtree Walker and Paul Walker III, it’s a comfort to have their family gather together in this difficult moment. Cody, who resembles a very young Paul Walker, is especially devastated to lose someone he looked up to all his life. (You can see the resemblance in the video of Paul’s first interview with ET shown below)

The last family party was the wedding of Cody’s older brother Caleb, where he was a groomsman, and brother Paul was best man. As you can see from the lovely pictures below, this was a very loving and close-knit family.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Cody, his parents, brother and sisters, and especially to Paul’s daughter Meadow in this painful time.

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