Cheryl Crabtree Walker- Paul Walker’s Mother [PHOTOS]

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Meet Cheryl Walker formerly Cheryl Crabtree, she is the beautiful and amazing mother of Paul Walker, whose death continues to shocked us all, Cheryl’s beloved son was way more than a pretty face and body, he had a kind heart, he was humble and loved life more than anyone.

In case you are wondering where did Paul walker and his siblings got their amazing looks let me tell you that Mr. Paul Wilson Parker III had the most amazing blue eyes, I can just imagine Paul would have look like his old man, his mother Mrs. Cheryl Crabtree Walker a model and she played an important role in the great looks of her kids.

Cheryl Crabtree Walker Paul Walker mother picturePaul Walker III paul Walker father

60-year-old Cheryl Ann Crabtree was just 20 and a fashion model when she gave birth to her and her husband Paul’s child, Paul was born on September 12, 1973 in Glendale, CA , then came his sister Ashlie, 37, then Caleb M. 36, and finally Cody B. Cheryl and Paul raised their children as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Cheryl also became the stepmother of her husband’s daughter Amie Walker, 46,  from a previous relationship.

Paul Walker III paul Walker father sister Amiejpg

Cheryl knew from the  first time she saw her eldest boy, he was the most gorgeous boy she had ever seen, and so thought several television agents when they put toddler Paul in the Pampers’ commercial.

Cheryl Crabtree Walker attended Granada Hills Senior High, Verdugo Hills, High School, got her degree in Associate of Science in Nursing from Glendale Community College in Phoenix, Arizona, and a bachelor of science in Nursing from Regent’s College University of New York/ Excelsior College.

Cheryl Crabtree Walker Paul Walker mother photo Cheryl Crabtree Walker Paul Walker mother pics Cheryl Crabtree Walker Paul Walker mother pictures

Paul’s mom was a school nurse at La Canada High and later at Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center, she also became a Registered Nurse/Studio Nurse/Med-Tech ABC TV at Medcor, Inc, Universal, Warner Bros Studio Hospital and Paramount.

Paul Walker III girlfriend Jana Ace Wunderlich

At some point Cheryl and her husband separated or divorced, he is now apparently dating Jana Ace Wunderlich a realtor.

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  1. I just knew Paul looked like his Mom Cheryl, and the blue eyes in his Dad, Thanks for sharing with us of the awesome photos!!!! R.I.P. ANGEL PAUL WALKER, EVERYBODY IN THIS WORLD SHOULD BE JUST LIKE YOU!!!!!!! YOUR CHARITABLE CONTRIBUTIONS IS YOUR LEGACY!!!! PAUL WAS BEST LOOKING YOUNG MAN, BUT HIS KIND HEART & SPIRIT IS WHAT TOUCHES ME THE MOST!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I very,very like Paul Walker actor

  3. Rebecca t. Casten says:

    i really admire Paul Walker he is very humble & good actor.

  4. comme tu vas nous manquer Paul, tu étais tellement unique, aussi beau de l’intérieur que de l’extérieur, je t’aimerai toujours.

  5. Priscilla says:

    Mr. & Mrs. Walker, Meadow, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, uncles – entire family & friends
    There aren’ many words to comfort an aching hearts when a love one’s life is gone so swiftly. Especially a child. No matter how old, they are still our babies. So vibrant with so much to look forward to. I hope yo feel the magnitude of love, caring and concern for your family at this time.
    I also hope that the pride cor the Son (Eun) you raised stand out as bright as his smile.
    Nobody’s perfect, but from all accounts of his sense of family and caring for others – it seems Paul tried his best. It appears he did not waste one day of his life here on earth. I know that his mere physical presence is what si going to be missed. But you will have days and moments when you think of him and a smile will appear as if he is standing right next to. God bless each and every one of you and thank God for your Son.

  6. They are a beautiful family! I think Cody looks quite a bit like Paul, just adorable:) anyway love, prayers and hugs to Paul’s family at this time!

  7. Natalie pryde says:

    Such a wonderful person put others first before him self , I’m still in shock still finding it hard to watch his films with his beautiful smile and bright blue eyes the world will miss him such a great actor , father , son , brother and friend .R.I.P Paul heaven has got angel x

  8. may God take care of you, prayer is the key


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