Erwin Bach Tina Turner’s Husband

Erwin Bach

Congratulations to legendary soul singer Tina Turner and her longtime boyfriend Erwin Bach. It’s been reported the couple is already married; they joined their lives following their 27-year relationship. Erwin’s world-famous wife Turner renounced her US citizenship earlier this year to become a permanent Swiss resident.

According to sources, the couple made it official last month at a Registry Office in Zurich, Switzerland. Tina married her 61-year-old boyfriend and said their secret to happiness is

“We are one”

However, the couple will celebrate the nuptials with a Buddhist spiritual ceremony on July 21 at Chateau Algonquin, the lake home they have shared since 1995 in Kusmacht, near Zurich.


Erwin’s wife suffered for about 14 years the abuses of former late husband Ike Turner with whom she had a son, now 56-year-old Ronald.  But nine years later of her divorce with Ike; Erwin came into her life to bring a whole different kind of relationship and love her way.

Who would have thought after nearly four decades the famous singer will marry after her turbulent and abusive first marriage. We’ve all seen the movies or know the extent of the abuse she was the victim of; Bach came right when she was trying to get her career back on track and rebuild her nearly lost a fortune. Erwin met Turner back in 1986 since the 57-year-old German worked as an executive at her record label.

Bach is a German music producer who has a net worth of $50 million dollars. He was born in Cologne, Germany, and used to work as a record executive in Europe back in the 80’s. They share homes in multiple countries, and for the last 20 years, have lived primarily in Switzerland.

Why do you think they took so long to finally take that leap of marriage?? Mr. Bach has always been a man of few words and rather no comment into their relationship, however when asked if he had proposed before he said yes, but apparently, Turner was not ready at the time. And after almost 30 years in unmarried bliss Bach who is 16 years her junior finally got her to say “I do”


Tina recently recalled in an interview the harrowing night she lived back in the 70’s when she finally decided to leave first husband and musical partner, Ike Turner.

Luckily is all a memory, since she’s been happily married to second husband, Erwin Bach since 2013. The couple had been together for nearly 30-years before they married four years ago.

The veteran soul singer and German record company executive spend most of their time in Switzerland.