Kate Middleton Bikini Pregnant Photos on Chi Magazine

‘CHI’ magazine editor Alfonso Signorini was blasted by St. James Palace for publishing photos of William and Kate Middleton on a shore during a personal holiday. But he doesn’t see a problem with it and says it’s not an incursion of their retreat.



Kate and Wills are not going to be getting an admission of guilt from CHI editor Alfonso Signorini anytime soon. He says that William and Kate are public figures so they should expect to be photographed.

St. James Palace’s statement read:

We are disappointed that photographs of the Duke and Duchess on a private holiday look likely to be published overseas. This is a clear breach of the couple’s right to privacy.

Alfonso responded to that :

The article features photos of a young couple in love as they happily walk along the shore. They are images of such unexceptional normality that there is only limited mention of them on the cover of the magazine.

The photographs, which can in no way be considered scandalous, were bought from an international photo agency, do not harm the image of the protagonists and the reaction of the media seems to me wholly over the top,” he says. “Moreover, the photographs can hardly be considered an invasion of privacy when the subjects are public figures in a public place, in the open air; specifically on a beach surrounded by other bathers.

It is also true that the Italian press is not a party to the gentlemen’s agreement between the British press and Buckingham Palace,

What our readers will see is simply a moment of joyful relaxation being enjoyed by a smiling, happy couple. Where’s the scandal in that?

Kate Middleton pregnant pictures chi magazine

Kate Middleton pregnant picture chi magazineKate Middleton pregnant photo chi magazine

The photos illustrate William and Kate walking all along the beach and he has his arm around her. The two are smiling and Kate is in a bikini totally revealing her bump. They were on holiday on the island of Mustique which is known for its huge solitude and a place where monarchs find irresistible to visit.

In September 2012, CHI published a spread of Kate sunbathing topless in France. Alfonso also didn’t see a predicament with publishing these photos also. William and Kate won a court case after the pics were released that banned anybody else from publishing them.