Chris Wallace’s Wife Lorraine Martin Smothers

Lorraine Martin Smothers

Lorraine Martin Smothers is the longtime wife of veteran journalist, author and TV anchor, Chris Wallace; whom you probably know from his Fox News program Fox News Sunday.

Lorraine’s husband began his career as a reporter and later focused on working on broadcast news.
Throughout his 50-plus years in broadcasting, he’s led a sucessful career and is widely known for his wide ranging interviews and asking tough questions.
Most recently, the 72-year-old was praised for holding Donald Trump accountable during an interview outside The White House, earlier this year.

Born October 12, 1947; the Chicago native followed into his father’s -renowned 60 Minutes journalist Mike Wallace footspets.
Chris attended Harvard College and after his graduation, he worked as a reporter for The Boston Globe. He later worked for NBC, where he served as a White House correspondent and the anchor for NBC Nightly News.
Wallace then worked at ABC News for 14 years where he served as the senior correspondent for Primetime Thursday and a substitute host for Nightline. During his tenure with ABC News, he hosted multiple groundbreaking investigations and received numerous awards for his work. He joined Fox News Channel since 2003. While at FNC, he has participated in coverage of nearly every major political event.

Wallace has been happily married to second wife, Lorraine Martin Smothers for over two decades. He and first wife, Elizabeth Farrell, produced four children during their marriage: Peter, Megan, Andrew and Catherine.

Like her husband, Lorraine Martin Smothers was also preivously married. She was first married to actor and musician Dick Smothers; but ended in divorce in 1993. Together they share two adult children, Sarah and Remick Smothers.

Lorraine Martin Smothers

Born Lorraine Marcelle Martin in 1959, she was described as a Washington socialite when she married first husband Dick Smothers in 1986. At the time she was 27-years-old.

Lorraine Martin Smothers found love again in Chris Wallace and the two became husband and wife in 1997. Married for 23 years, they have no children together.

61-year-old Lorraine Martin Smothers is also successful in her own right. The lovely lady is an accomplished chef and author. She has published at least three cookbooks, including Amazon best-seller Mrs. Sunday’s Soups.
She revealed her first soup-inspired cookbook, published in 2010, came as a result of her husband’s schedule as the host of the Sunday morning program at Fox News clashing with her son’s sports practice schedule.
She answered the dilemma of how to feed both her husband and her son in a timely and nourishing manner, while serving them a different soup each week.

In addition, Lorraine Martin Smothers has been pictured numerous times attending public and official events by the arm of her husband. In 2017, the couple was invited by then Ambassador of France Gérard Araud, to the residence.

The longtime couple resides in Washington, D.C.