Who is Sean Hutchison’s wife/ Girlfriend?

Sean Hutchison

Sean Hutchison is a former US Olympic swim coach, regarded as a coaches’ coach who has been accused of abuse by a former swimming star.

28-year-old Ariana Kukors, a former world-record holding Olympic swimmer claims she was her coach’s victim when she was 16. Hutchison who is a Seattle resident is under investigation following Ariana’s accusations. Police has retrieved electronic devices from his home. He has denied her claims.

According to a profile, Sean Hutchison has trained some of the world’s top athletes, and is an experienced entrepreneur with a history of building outstanding teams, innovative products, and revolutionary systems for learning and training.

Hutchison is the founder of IKKOS –a patented, brain-based movement learning system. His technology company is described as changing the way we learn movement patterns. Additionally he serves as the CEO of King Aquatics and AMG.

Sean Hutchison

According to his LinkedIn, he founded IKKOS in 2011 and has been the managing director of King Aquatics Club –located in the greater Seattle area for the last 16-years. He is also listed as a professional swimming coach at FAST –where he worked from 2009 until 2011.

In 2002 he was hired by King Aquatics as their new CEO & Head Coach. KING quickly becomes a national power with Sean’s leadership. Prior to coming to King, Sean had been a coach at a regional distance camp.

He was also invited to do a TED Talk in 2013 and which is titled: Sean Hutchison: Global Challenges & Social Innovations TEDx. He’s also been published in ‘The Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics. Hutchison is credited with multiple pending patents in combinations of technology, brain science, and human performance. Recently, IKKOS’ CopyMe Golf app won a Golf Digest Editors’ Choice for Training Aid 2016.

It is not clear as of now if 46-year-old Hutchison is currently married or in a romantic relationship, but if he has one, we bet she’s not happy about the accusations made against him.

Will this be the fall-down of the famed coach?

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