Janeera Gonzalez North Lake College Shooting Victim

Janeera Gonzalez

Janeera Gonzalez was stalked by Adrian Victor Torres for some time; however, she never worried about it. She never went out on a date with him, hang out or was his friend whatsoever. Even so, Torres also a student at North Lake College shot and killed Janeera in the campus, before moving to another building where he killed himself.

“He had been stalking her for quite a while but she didn’t make anything of it,” her mom said.

The first thing you need to know is that, Janera Nickel Gonzalez was born on July 18, 1996, in Irving, Texas; where she graduated from Irving High School in 2015. Janeera was pursuing a major in kinesiology at North Lake College in Irving, Texas.

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Her killer, 21-year-old Adrian Victor Torres (b. October 25, 1995) approached Janeera who was sitting in a common study area at North Lake College, yelled at her “You know who I am and why I’m here.

Torres shot her three times; subsequently, moved to another university building, where he shot himself. Witnesses said everything happened so fast, but they saw a guy standing close to a woman sitting on a chair, and then hearing several shots.

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Janeera GonzalezPin Janeera GonzalezPin Janeera GonzalezPin
Janeera GonzalezPin
Janeera GonzalezPin Janeera GonzalezPin
Janeera GonzalezPin

I saw a guy standing, and a girl was sitting in the chair, and it happened too quickly. I saw him shooting her three times. It was too loud,’ Nanbakhsh said, according to NBC Dallas-Forth Worth.

‘We’ve been trained how to handle these types of situations. I immediately ran back to the woman working, locked the doors and asked all the students to go back to the bathroom, turn off all the lights and be quiet.’

Janeera’s Family Statement

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Her mother Lucia Gonzalez and father Juan spoke to WFAA.

There is no justice for my daughter.’

‘We’re not gonna see her again, she was a harmless girl,’ said her father Juan Gonzalez. 

‘She was very sweet. She was the best daughter a mother could have… the best girl… the best of everything,’

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Her brother Johnny created a GoFundMe page to raise money for his sister’s funeral.