Golden Krust’ CEO Lowell Hawthorne’s Wife and Children

Lowell Hawthorne

Lowell Hawthorne, the man we all know as the founder of Caribbean food empire, Golden Krust has been found dead at 57.

Reports say Hawthorne shot himself and was found inside The Bronx factory of his Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery on Saturday. Sources claim motive for his suicide could have been that Mr. Hawthorne feared federal agents would investigate him for evading millions in tax dollars.

Hawthorne emigrated to the United States from Jamaica and opened his first Golden Krust operation in 1989. He made a name for himself by selling Jamaican beef patties and it gradually evolved into a small fast food empire. Today, there are more than 100 Golden Krust establishments across the country.

According to Bloomberg, Hawthorne was awarded the coveted Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the Tri-State area from the accounting firm of Ernst & Young in 2000.

The source also said that the businessman left a letter of apology to his family, dozens of which were employed at the company. The Jamaican fast-food magnate is survived by his wife and their four children.



Lorna Hawthorne was born Lorna P. Roach on October 10, 1962. Like her hubby, she also hails from Jamaica and also relocated to the U.S. It was in 1983 she met Lowell and were married in 1985.

Lorna Hawthorne was Mr. Hawthorne’s wife, mother of his children and also business partner. She is said to have helped him open his first restaurant back in the late 80’s. At the time, Lorna and other family members of Lowell, put their money together to help him start the business.

According to the GKB website, Lorna serves as the company’s Human Resources Director.

Since their nuptials, the two welcomed four children –who all belong to the Golden Krust Bakery’s executive team.



Lowell and wife Lorna Hawthorne are the proud parents of four adult children, three sons and one daughter. Sons include, Omar born in 184, Daren, and Haywood. Their daughter’s name is Monique Hawthorne.

Daren Hawthorne, a lawyer, serves as Golden Krust’s corporate counsel. Omar is the director of franchising, Monique runs the Golden Krust’s foundation and Haywood is the vice president of manufacturing.

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Our condolences for the Hawthorne family.