Cherice Morales: Sex offender Stacey Rambold gets only 30 days in prison

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Let’s go back to the year 2008 when prosecutors charged former Senior High teacher Stacey Rambold with three counts of sexual intercourse without consent after learning of his relationship with at the time 14-year-old student Cherice Moralez. The case was still pending in February 2010 when Moralez committed suicide just before her 17th birthday. And now after five years this whole thing started Stacey Dean Rambold was ordered by a Montana Judge to, get this, only 30 days in jail!

Stacey Rambold was born in 1959. Stacey currently lives in Billings, Montana, from 1996 to 2002 he lived in Laurel, MT. The once 49-year-old was said to had groomed a troubled 14-year-old high school freshman, Morales.

The outraged was felt by Cherice’s mother at court when somehow Rambold escaped an initial 10 year sentence that prosecutors had asked for! Auliea Hanlon, the girl’s mother, shouted “You people suck!” as she stormed out of the courtroom! Chereice’s mom had begged for justice, testifying Rambold’s sexual relationship with her daughter, was a “major factor” in the girl’s suicide.

Then to the shock of her mother the judge who is 66-years-old claimed Moralez was “as much in control of the situation” as her 49-year-old teacher. He added the girl was “older than her chronological age.”
Another shocking detail in the case is that Rambold cut a deal since star witness will not be there; with prosecutors telling him to complete a 3-year sex offender treatment program but the obviously sick man was kicked out for receiving unsupervised visits with minors and because he began having sex with a woman.

But judge Baugh said he didn’t think the actions that got Rambold kicked out of the treatment program warranted years in prison!

According to the 54-year-old attorneys, said the teacher has lost his job, his license, his house and his wife.

Publications say Montana District Court Judge G. Todd Baugh is running for a fifth term overseeing cases in Montana’s 13th Judicial District.

You can find Mrs. Hanlon on Facebook here.

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  1. Henry Buswell says:

    Concerning judge Baugh’s rulling on the rape of Miss Hanlon. The U.S. justice system has a severe case of liberalism, like her mother said it sucks, where is the punishment? The country has certainly strayed since the days of my father.

    • Rosita Chihuahua says:

      It is not liberalism, it is good-ol-boyism, that is what is rampant in our legal system (from cops to judges). It was the liberals who were outraged and brought it to popular attention!

  2. Kay Carlson says:

    He may have lost his wife but the fact that he was having sex with his FIANCE and did not tell the sex offender program he was participating in is part of what sent him back to court. Apparently he can’t control himself at all.

  3. Justin Khase says:

    The judge should’ve sentenced him to having his nads removed with pruning shears or 50 years minimum sentence.

  4. Bobby1014 says:

    Rape is rape. Fourteen or forty the sentence should have been at least fifteen years and because it was a minor fourteen or younger it should have been life. It is the chronological age that matters not the perceived age.

  5. The Three-Eyed Crow says:

    Cherice Morales was raped – but not by Stacey Dean Rambold. She was raped by the State of Montana, the newsmedia, and the left-wing blogosphere.
    I have a challenge for you – for anyone reading this. The challenge is to find a single piece of evidence that the sex between Stacey and Cherice was non-consensual.
    You have Google, you have Yahoo, you have the Huffington Post, you have DailyMail, which have all been covering this issue extensively. You have the entire internet at your disposal.
    Find me one single news article stating clearly that the sex was non-consensual.
    Go ahead.
    I’ve scoured the net for this, and I haven’t found it. I’ve read about 15 articles on this case, and nowhere have I found anyone claiming that Stacey used coercion or force in their relationship. By all accounts, Cherice chose to have sex with him, and their relationship was consensual.
    And her choice was not respected. The news media, the liberal blogosphere, and the State of Montana, all failed to respect Cherice and her personal choices.
    There is not one article claiming that he forced her to have sex with him against her will. Not one. Anywhere.
    The only thing they’ve got is the Montana “law” that says all sex under the age of 16 is automatically nonconsensual.
    And that’s obviously ludicrous. Rape isn’t “having sex with the wrong person.” Rape is having sex by force. And forced sex is not forced because someone is under a certain age – forced sex is forced because it’s forced! Duh!
    When he was charged with “nonconsensual sex”, where they’re getting that from is her age. That’s it. There was no ACTUAL force or coercion. No gun. No knife. No physical overpowering. No threats of a bad grade for refusing. No claim that she ever said “no” or “stop”. No claim that she was under any form of duress, or threat of harm, whatsoever.
    Just the pathetic logic that “she was 14, therefore, she didn’t consent.” This logic is demeaning and insulting.
    There is not one person on this Earth who is claiming that Stacey forced Cherice to have sex with him. Not one. If there is one, you can feel free to show me. Like I said, go ahead and show me.
    Show me!
    Ya got nothin.
    “Statutory Rape” is nothing but AGEISM. So what if he was 47? He could have been 107! No one has the right to tell anyone else what they can or cannot do, consensually, with their own body!
    There used to be “laws” in this country stating that people of African descent were incapable of marrying people of European descent, and therefore, all sexual relations between whites and blacks were automatically considered adultery. Automatically.
    It didn’t matter whether they loved eachother. It didn’t matter whether they had gotten married in the church, and said their vows in front of the whole community.
    The State considered their union to be illegal, and therefore, they were adulterers. And of course, it was usually the African partner who was prosecuted. Obviously!
    And those silly “laws” were repealed. Likewise, we now have “laws” stating that a person under the age of 16 is incapable of giving consent to have sex, and therefore, all sexual relations with such a person are automatically considered rape. Automatically.
    Despite her being physically mature, and having hormones raging inside her body, the State claims that it was the gatekeeper over Cherice Morales’ body. The State claimed that it alone had the right to decide when she could have sexual intercourse and when she could not. The State claimed her as its property.
    Who violated who here?
    The State laid claim to her body, and told her that she was not allowed to pursue her own biological drives for pleasure, intimacy, and sexual satisfaction. And when she went ahead and pursued her God-given right to explore her own body, and the body of a willing partner, the State saw its human property being used without permission, and came in to destroy them. Both of them.
    Since there was no legal way to go after her, the State went after her lover instead. It threw him in jail, and then – THEN – went about brainwashing her into thinking that she had been raped.
    This girl was just fine, until the State came in and convinced her that her dalliances were illegal, and that she had been “victimized.” She never knew she was a “victim” until the State shoved that label down her throat!
    In case she didn’t believe it, the newsmedia stepped in, repeating the labels of “victim” and “rape” over and over and over and over and over again, until sunk in, over and over and over and over and over and over and over, until it drove her to depression, social isolation, and eventually, suicide.
    The State killed Cherice Morales.
    The left-wing blogosphere was an accomplice in her killing.
    The State laid a claim of ownership over her body, and when she used her body in a way that the State didn’t approve of, the State hounded her to her death. And the blogosphere was only too happy to help.
    She didn’t do anything wrong. She was innocent. It’s very sad that she couldn’t find a way to cope with the relentless bullying that resulted from the blogosphere’s incessant shoving of the “victim” label upon her, and the “rapist” label upon her lover. It’s so sad that she left this world so early.
    But let’s lay the blame where it belongs. Not on her lover, but on the newsmedia and the blogosphere that hounded them both, and on the State that thinks it owns all of our bodies like property.
    I have one simple statement to make:
    As long as what they’re doing is CONSENSUAL. Which in this case, it was. (My challenge to find evidence of it being non-consensual still stands – go ahead and find it, if you can.)
    Stacey Dean Rambold is innocent. An innocent man is heading to prison.
    Please, for the future sake of everyone’s right to make their own decisions regarding their own sexuality, never do this again.
    Respect the basic human right to make decisions about one’s own body.
    Do not tell anyone who wishes to have sex that she is not allowed to because she hasn’t attained a legally mandated age.
    And don’t tell anyone that he’s not allowed to have sex because he’s too old.
    Don’t be an ageist.
    The people who clamored to have Stacey Dean Rambold thrown in prison – they are the real rapists, and they are the ones who killed Cherice Morales.
    Never do this again.

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