Lana Scolaro- Girl Robin Thicke was caught Groping

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Robin thicke Lana Scolaro twitter pic

Yesterday a photo of the Blurred Lines singer Robin Thicke groping a hot blonde was revealed, the infamous pic was send to Thicke’s wife Paula Patton but no word about who is  the sexy blonde until we heard that her name is Lana Scolaro.

Robin thicke Lana Scolaro twitter photo

The photo taken inside what it seems to be an elevators shows a smiling Thicke and Lana Scolaro at the 2013 MVA’s after-party at 1 Oak on Sunday night, sure nothing bad with that but because they were surrounded by mirrors showing Thicke’s hand secure placed on Scolaro’s butt, well not just place there,  is for sure groping her juicy doubles!

Robin thicke Lana Scolaro twitter picRobin thicke Lana Scolaro twitter picsRobin thicke Lana Scolaro twitter picture

Lana posed for more pics with Thicke..

Robin thicke Lana Scolaro twitter-photo Robin thicke Lana Scolaro twitter photos

But who is this Lana Scolaro?

Lana Scolaro Robin thicke-photo

20 something Lana Scolaro, born in London from Italian descents parents is a student at New York arts University with a “0” working experience in fashion according to her LinkedIn profile. Her mum Anna send  her a congrats tweet her on January 15th when she got into Parsons.

Lana scolaro mom

Lana Scolaro Robin thicke photosLana Scolaro Robin thicke photosLana Scolaro Robin thicke photoLana Scolaro Robin thicke pictures

Her birthday is on December 27th according to her  Facebook profile. Her sister Stephanie, 21, is a Student at Istituto Europeo di Design, Lana has another sister, Lydia (brunette in the pic below)

Lana Scolaro father_Anna-Scolaro-and-lana-ScolaroLana Scolaro Robin thicke imagesLydia Scolaro lana scolaro sisterLydia Scolaro lana scolaro sister pictureLydia Scolaro lana scolaro sister pic

Lana Scolaro with her mom Anna (left), and with her sister Stephanie (right), other sis, Lydia.

This Is Lana Scolaro on Twitter.

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  1. She’s not hot, and she’s the furthest thing from sexy (though she may think $$ can buy those traits, it can’t)

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